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2nd Grade Teachers Needed

2nd Grade Teachers Needed

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I am a second grade teacher in NC, who would like to connect with at least four other 2nd Grade teachers. My vision is a modern day Pen Pal Project, in which we share videos that our students make about their home town, local activities, weather, culture, school projects and more. These are just suggested topics, I'd love it if we could work together on creating this project. I am committed to helping my students see beyond their community, be inspired to travel and know what their peers are doing in other places. Please let me know if you are interested.

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Mario Patiño's picture
Mario Patiño
NBCT, science educator

This is a great idea, I have been trying to do this for my high school students. It would be cool for my high school students to write a lesson using Prezi on a science topic[such as photosynthesis or endangered birds of Hawaii] in which 2nd graders can understand. Do your students blog?

Cheri's picture
Teacher by Day; Discount Broker by Night @

I love the idea of the students writing a lesson. My students don't blog but if you did a lesson on photosynthesis I would love to share it with my class. We learn about photosynthesis in the 4th quarter! .

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