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High Scool University

High Scool University

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Hi! I am new in these forums and here to introduce an educational initiative called High School University. Our mission is simple to say, and possible to achieve: to make it both possible and probable for an average, hard-working student to graduate from high school with a college degree. In order to achieve this objective, we propose to facillitate a comprehensive extension of the CLEP curriculum such that it is possible by this means alone to obtain a bachelor's degree in one of several basic degree programs. The curriculum, in the form of standardized tests, will be owned by the people in common, and anyone qualified to enable a student to pass the test will be qualified to teach the course. We believe quite strongly that when it is possible and probable for an average hard-working student to graduate from high school with a college degree, that the United States will have the educational system it has always wanted. We are going to present a poster at the NEA conference in Washington, D.C. these coming up days. Sincerely, Silja

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