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Skype Collaboration: Interview Projects

Skype Collaboration: Interview Projects

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Where ever you are there are always opportunities to collaborate. Skype's a great tool for connecting classes local and globally. A simple way to expand the minds of students is to incorporate Skype interviews into your lesson plans. Do you plan on using using Skype in your classroom this school year? Any sample lesson plans that incorporate Skype?


We have two educators who are interested in collaborating on Skype!

Cassandre Beauvais Spencer

Assistant Principal

@ Westbury Middle School

I would love to participate and work with your class. I oversee levels of Spanish class in grades 6 , 7 and 8th. We would be very happy and actually quite excited to communicate with those abroad.

Jennifer Cheung

elementary Spanish teacher

I would love to have my students participate, but I need to know some more about your students and if it is appropriate for them to chat with younger learners. Thank you. Jennifer

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Whitney Hoffman's picture
Whitney Hoffman
Producer LD Podcast, Digital Media Consultant, Author

One of our middle school teachers does short, 15 minute review sessions with any students who want to attend, a few days a week, over skype. The sessions are like interactive question and answer sessions about the material they are covering in class. My child LOVED these sessions, and we started to rearrange our schedule so he wouldnt miss them. The teacher has reported that she has seen an immediate increase in student's test scores as a result as well.
I think turning studying from a one person with the book into an interactive discussion has made my child more enthusiastic about studying (A miracle in and of itself) and it paid off for him in terms of grades as well.
While this requires a decent number of students to have computer access at home, and many students would participate from a local after school program as well, the enthusiasm of the students convinced the teacher it was worth the extra time a few evenings a week to make this happen.
If you need more information, let me know, and Im happy to put you in touch with her if you need more specifics.

Whitney Hoffman's picture
Whitney Hoffman
Producer LD Podcast, Digital Media Consultant, Author

A few teachers are also allowing sick kids with computers at home to skype into the classroom, so they do not miss as much work when they are absent. It's easy with the teacher's laptop and the Smartboard, and it was almost as if the child was there in the classroom as well.

Something to consider. It's possible and being done already.

Samina Naz's picture

I'm planning to have a Skype session for Elocution Contest with other branch of my school in another city.
In another science lesson my students are studying the topic keeping warm. They want to know about different weathers in other countries or cities.They will have discussion on Skype. They have prepared questions to ask and discuss. They are having this session with another school from different city but if someone want to collaborate with my class, It would be beneficial.

Christine Kotik's picture

I have a child in my class who is absent frequently and for extended periods. We always use skype or google video chat with her, even from her hospital room! She stays connected and her spirits stay up as she is able to see and talk with her friends along with keeping up with her school work. We actually use a laptop because then she is "portable" and can participate in partner work, small group work and also whole class activities. It has been a rewarding experience and is being adopted by several other teachers in the building.

Ms C's picture

I work for a school that has multiple sites, and we are able to skype GradeBand or Subject PLCs across all sites at the same time. This scope of collaboration allows for more great minds working together: a more uniform understanding across the entire organization: and a more cohesive school community.

Jose Miguel Paz's picture
Jose Miguel Paz
Foundation partner at Activateam


Wouldn't be great if you could teach Spanish to your pupils using Skype? Somebody here at Spain (even myself) could attend to your incoming call and then chat directly in Spanish with your pupils. Before that Skype call, both teachers could agree upon conversation or lessons to instruct. That way, the students could listen for a native speech and learn pronunciation for a while.


Ginny's picture
Founder and director of in puerto rico

Hi Jose Miguel and others interested! are you interested in skype with our students in Puerto Rico? let me know so we can arrange some times that work best for both.

Gracias, Ginny

Ginny's picture
Founder and director of in puerto rico

Hi we are in Puerto Rico. At what time and days are you having this conversation. I can ask my students if they would like to be part of the conversation.
Let me know if you are interested.
Have a great day, ginny

Vicki's picture
Fourth grade teacher from CA

If you go to you can find other teachers who have projects they would like to collaborate on. I have done one so far this schoo,lyear and it's a lot of fun.

jollibee's picture

gFlashcards is very good alternative to Quzilet. You can create your own images and audio flashcards for free.

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