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Looking for project partner on Red Knot (Calidris canutus islandica) migration K1-4

Looking for project partner on Red Knot (Calidris canutus islandica) migration K1-4

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We are looking for partnership on watching the red knot migration. As we are living in the wadden sea of North Europe, the red knot rests here twice a year. Because we want to "follow" him on his journey virtually, we need an elementary class from an Canadian Arctic area or nearby to tell us about the arriving of the birds and its breeding. Contact to one of their Winter resorts (West Africa - Guinea Bissau) is already installed. The First Graders in this project will have assistance in translating mails etc., so that the children could contact each other by mail, work on a wiki together or build up a website. Is there anyone who might be interested?

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C. Schicke's picture
C. Schicke
teacher year 1 to 10 from Langeoog, Germany

We will start our project in August 2011 and watch the voyage of the red knots from the Northern Sea to West-Africa and back in spring 2012. Who would like to join us and report about these birds in their summer residences during summer 2012? Children will be in 2nd Year then (aged 7-8 Years).

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