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The interview Project /Skype

The interview Project /Skype

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Hi everyone! I'm a teacher working in Buenos Aires. I work one to one. And I would be really pleased if any of you would like to help with my project. Goals: to practice greetings/introductions; to ask 2 or 3 simple questions like What's the weather there? what do you do? what did you do last weekend?; to thank (for your time and sharing a lovely moment); and as follow up: a little report on the interview. Level: intermediate. Challenge: time zones!!!!!!!!! Feeling excited! I haven't told my students yet. Hope you'll like my little-big idea!

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Dr. Alice BedardVoorhees's picture
Dr. Alice BedardVoorhees
Elearning Educator for the 21st Century

Greetings! I am an enthusiastic e-learning educator and experienced in global teaching and learning exchanges. Additionally, I will be visiting Buenos Aires in September 2011 as well :).

Regards, Alice
Alice Bedard-Voorhees, PhD

Jeff Kondrakiewicz's picture
Jeff Kondrakiewicz
2nd Grade, Wisconsin

We would love to participate and the time zone is probably an easy issue to solve since we are just north, not necessarily really far west or east. Please let me know if you would like to continue communicating.

datEnglish's picture
ESL teacher

Dear all!!!!!
I am thrilled to read all your messages!!! First I apologise for not having answered before, I am a learning teacher (I made up this word, I guess)and thought that I would be recieving messages in my e mail box. Today I opened my account in edutopia, and OH MY!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I have already started skyping with some people, but I will slowly get in touch with you either here or by e mail.
Lots of hugs and thank you !!!!!!

datEnglish's picture
ESL teacher

[quote]Greetings! I am an enthusiastic e-learning educator and experienced in global teaching and learning exchanges. Additionally, I will be visiting Buenos Aires in September 2011 as well :).Regards, AliceAlice Bedard-Voorhees, PhD[/quote]
So Alice, one thing is for sure! If you are coming to B.A. please tell me if there's anything I can do to help you from here!

datEnglish's picture
ESL teacher

[quote]I would LOVE to help with your project. I have been looking for a long time to get hooked up with another teacher in a Spanish speaking country to Skype with. My students are all one to one also and they all have Skype on their computers. We have really been working on basic conversations this year with my intermediate group and I think it would be a great way for both of our students to get some authentic practice! Let me know if you are interested![/quote]
Dear Joni,
I would like to help you, so I can skype myself, and maybe my studetns can too, with you and your students. Need to know a little more about time zones. If you are interested let's do it. But need some help with the time. hugs

Jan Wee's picture
Jan Wee
Director- Information & Technology Services/School District of Holmen WI

We have many educators who would LOVE to connect and I would be happy to assist my teachers partnering with yours. Just let me know and we can Skype away!

Pass this along to an educator who doesn't have a partner, please.

Director-I & T Services
School District of Holmen
@weejan Twitter
21st Century Learning

Cassandre Beauvais Spencer's picture
Cassandre Beauvais Spencer
Assistant Principal

I would love to participate and work with your class. I oversee levels of Spanish class in grades 6 , 7 and 8th. We would be very happy and actually quite excited to communicate with those abroad.

Jennifer Cheung's picture
Jennifer Cheung
elementary Spanish teacher

I would love to have my students participate, but I need to know some more about your students and if it is appropriate for them to chat with younger learners. Thank you. Jennifer

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