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Weekly Check In Questions

Weekly Check In Questions

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I have always believed in doing regular check-ins (I learned it first from being a Middle School Principal when the admin team would "check-in" with one another and then I would do it with my staff). It's a natural part of working with fellow human beings. With students, however, the check-ins need to be both structured and give them an opportunity to express their voice. With the help of Dr. Gerald Ardito, I designed a weekly check-in that my students complete each Thursday night. This week I added a question from Tristan de Frondeville's 2009 article. Here are the 5 questions (in order that the students answer them):

1. What did I accomplish this week?

2. What did I learn this week?

3. What was the muddiest and clearest point of my work this week?

4. What will I work on next week? Will I be working with anyone? Do I want to work with anyone?

5. What help will I need from my teacher?

The responses I received from the students have been highly insightful and also demonstrate their keen ability to reflect on their learning - a sign that they are taking ownership, which is fantastic! The feedback I received is that kids felt they had another opportunity to find their voices and share any concerns as well as establishing a sense of clarity as to what they are going to accomplish and how much they have achieved.

The result? Even more engagement! Who can ask for anything more???

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Tricia's picture

I have just decided that I want to conduct mini conferences with my students every few weeks (as often as I can make it happen....). I have been trying to decide how I could help focus these conferences. The students already fill out a daily self assessment which is a small rubric, but I wanted to work on focusing their attention on their learning a bit more. These questions are a great place for me to start. Since I teach elementary school I will modify for my students, of course, but now have some great ideas. Thank you for sharing!

Samer Rabadi's picture
Samer Rabadi
Online Community Engagement Manager

Tricia, that's fantastic. Please let us know how the mini-conferences go. I think people reading this discussion would be interested.

Valerie Pitts's picture
Valerie Pitts
Superintendent at Larkspur-Corte Madera School District

What are the best ways to move students in a bell-free school?

Samer Rabadi's picture
Samer Rabadi
Online Community Engagement Manager

Hi Valerie, welcome.

That's an interesting question but a bit off-topic for this thread. I've taken the liberty of starting a new discussion based on your comment, which you can find here:

It would help if you could head over there and provide some context. That way any responses will be more relevant to the situation at hand.

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