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Using the Motiv-Aider

Using the Motiv-Aider

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Classroom management can be a constant struggle. If you keep using the same techniques over and over again and there is no effective, positive change, it's time to change the strategy. A lot of classroom management strategies are powered by the teacher only. The teacher is the one who puts the strategy into place and decides whether the outcome is good or bad. What if there was a strategy that involved putting the students in the highest role? A strategy that relied on the students to manage their own behavior? This could replace teacher nagging and a whole deal of other stressors associated with managing a classroom. In a perfect world, all of the students would show up, do their best, and keep doing their best. This is not a perfect world but, thankfully, there is the Motiv Aider.
This is a pager-like device that sends vibrations to the user at selected intervals and these vibrations are meant to remind the user to "stay on task". Whether this "on task behavior" is: listening, writing, keeping arms/legs to themselves, etc., the vibrations will constantly convey the personal meaning to the user.
I have read that the Motiv-Aider is being used with student with Autism, defiant disorders, even teachers! Teacher sometimes use it to remind themselves to do something such as: praise a student, collect information or take a class break.
I think that the Motiv-Aider is a great resource for managing classroom behaviors. My thoughts about it conclude that this device could be useful for many reasons. It puts more responsibility in the students hand, silently reinforces, never punishes, and can be used in multiple ways.
I was wondering if anyone has used the Motiv Aider in their classroom? Were the effects positive or negative? How would you change the way the Motiv Aider is used to benefit your classroom? Any other feedback concerning the Motiv-Aider is welcome.

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