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A Meeting of Minds - but how?

A Meeting of Minds - but how?

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I am writing a book of "success stories" from the world of education, and have come to the chapter on "Agendas". We all work with agendas, ie what we want to have happen during the meeting.

What I seek are examples of

* teachers negotiating with students, putting their agendas on the table and coming to a suitable compromise

* teacher - parent discussions (possibly conflicts)

* teacher - teacher discussions, making the best use of the available (limited) resources

Of course I won't use people's names. But I will mention you as the source of the story, if it is appropriate and if you wish. is where I write my blog

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Mike Procyk's picture
Mike Procyk
Band teacher from Bowling Green, Ohio

I think we all could give countless examples. I don't have a specific story, but I think what has always worked best for me was being completely open and transparent about what I needed and why. I think where we get into trouble is when we go into a situation with a hidden agenda.

If I believe that my agenda is for the best (for the students, parents, the group as a whole), then there's no need to hide anything.

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