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Inclusive Education At Schools

Inclusive Education At Schools

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Inclusive education may be defined as the provision of all-encompassing -education. In this sort of approach, no child is discriminated upon regardless of their abilities or disabilities. It was created after the realization that normal children’s development could be enhanced through interaction with all types of pupils. It was also useful for those children with special needs because they would get an opportunity to grow both socially and psychologically. Inclusive education is opposed to the separation of children with special needs into special schools that alienate them from the rest of the world.

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Tina Olyai's picture
Tina Olyai
Director - Little Angels High School -Gwalior M.P.

Inclusion is the process of acknowledging the fact that all students coming to school are one despite their differences and that they have the right to access all the resources and privileges available. Inclusion encompasses the fight against social evils that have propagated exclusion in the past. This means that there is no room for exclusion due to disability. Consequently, there is a need to acknowledge the fact that everyone is born equal and no one has the right to deny them opportunities just because they are differently abled.

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