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Anyone Using or Tried ClassDojo!

Anyone Using or Tried ClassDojo!

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ClassDojo is an excellent tool for behavior management. And no, I don't work for them, I am ust a HUGE fan. I use it with my 5th graders, and have pulled many teachers(even the non-techy ones)into using it as well. It's that simple. It's that fun! I think it's more geared toward K-5, but I've read where a lot of middle and high school teachers use it as well. Just another tool that might give you an edge on managing behavior. It's doesn't cost anything, and it's not a bribe. Give it a try. ClassDojo

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Kalen's picture

Hi Lisa - Kalen from ClassDojo here. Thank you so much for taking the time to post about us - our entire team really appreciates the support!

If anyone who comes across this post has any questions for us or needs help getting set up with their free account, please don't hesitate to reach out at Cheers :)

Joanne Sharp's picture

I LOVE ClassDojo! My 3rd graders love it too! The kids get very excited when they hear the "ding" of a reward! I find it very motivating for the 3rd graders, but I think you could use it with any age!

Max's picture
Third Grade educator in Northern California

I use it for its obvious classroom management functions, with rewards at the end of the day for best student and assessment/discussion for low scores, but I also appreciate the random feature for our popcorn reading.
I use it like equity sticks...electron equity sticks.

Melissa's picture
Elementary science teacher

Class dojo is great and so easy to use. I used to walk around with paper and take notes in class. The students knew I was watching but they had no idea if they were working well in their teams. Now, they keep an eye on the board and get instant feedback on what they are doing right and reminders of what a good team member looks like. Within ONE class, I had a behavior support 1:1 in class mention what a huge difference there was. It is great. If you have an iPhone or ipad in your room, try the app. Makes class run smoother since you aren't running back and forth to your desktop!

April Basch's picture
April Basch
6th Grade Teacher

I am still new to ClassDojo but the mood of my classroom has changed significantly since I started using it with my students. I usually leave the ClassDojo class screen up on my SMARTboard during various points of the day so that students have real time access to their engagement in the classroom. Students that are dominant seem to understand that I need to allow others to earn points through participation and those that don't usually participate are more inclined to do so because they seek the positive recognition. My students especially loved being able to design their own avatars! I wish I had thought of this! I was previously using a tally system and a clipboard.

woodruffh's picture
2nd grade all-boy teacher from Arkansas

A few teachers have used ClassDojo since the beginning of this school year and we love it! The kids love it and are excited to be able to use it no matter where we are in the building. I was so happy that all the positive and negative behaviors are editable, and that I could tie it to our 7 Habits for Happy Kids behaviors. I love that parents can check any time of the day and see how their child is doing. I also love being able to send weekly printout reports each Monday.
Since the beginning of the year the 3 of us (teachers) have shared it with our colleagues, and we have now gone school wide using ClassDojo. Individual teachers use ClassDojo as part of their behavior management, as well as our special class teachers. Our principal even has an account set up to award class points in the cafeteria (and maybe even during assemblies-how great would that be).
I keep ClassDojo up on the SMARTboard all day for the students to award themself points, but I also have it running on my iPad and iPod so I can award points during small groups or in the hallways.

Melissa Beykirch's picture
Melissa Beykirch
Kindergarten Teacher in Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ

I teach kindergarten and love using ClassDojo. My students love it too. It has not only help with behavior, but ClassDojo has also helped with Math skills. My students use their mental math skills of adding and subtracting to keep track of their points as well as their classmates.
I bring it up on the smart board first thing in the morning and again right before dismissal. During the school day I run ClassDojo on my cell phone. I love it when I pull my phone out and I hear the whispering and see how my students remind each other about good behavior.

Corah's picture

I've been using it in my 4th grade class as a component of my classroom management. The students love it!

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