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Planning a Charter School

Planning a Charter School

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What questions do you have about charter schools and the laws governing them? How are schools chartered in your state? How can the group help you advance your work in developing re-imagined schools for students in need of alternatives to the traditional classroom? This discussion is for group members to ask and answer questions about planning and applying for charters.

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LPS's picture
Cross Categorical/self-contained - Teacher

I am interested in net working with others who want to see Students Acheive Basic Competency Skills that are essential in developing Lifelong Learners. AZ is struggling and I would like to chat with people who want to improve conditions for ALL students. I have a vision and am passionate about education, I want to be a part of a grass roots effort that includes a range of options for student success. If you are interested in partnering with me, or having me join your vision, let me know. I look forward to hearing from Arizonians who want to be "movers & shakers".

Chad Sansing's picture
Chad Sansing
Charter school humanities teacher for non-traditional middle grade learners

LPS, I'll pass this along via Twitter. Hopefully, we'll find many takers. Please share more about your vision - I think options and choice and so critical to motivating students to learn in school as passionately as they do outside it. I also think that grassroots, teacher movements have a better chance to change classroom practice for the better than do most policies. Check out the #revolutioned tag on Twitter if you have the chance - it's a nascent movement to connect distant classrooms into ad-hoc, student-centered "schools" joined by social media.

All the best,

[Update - here's the tweet:]

Charlotte Rode's picture
Charlotte Rode
Charter School Founder

I am writing a charter for a school in Albuquerque and would love to connect with teachers / classrooms across state lines and across the globe. Please send me your contact information. My name is Charlotte Rode and my email is

Candace's picture
CEO of proposed Charter School

As I complete my application for a charter school in Texas I struggle most with the financial budget. I want to be on target as much as possible but I'm unfamiliar with some of the terms and deciding what all falls under each particular section. Also, what is the best way to inquire start-up funds? Banks, fundraisers, donors, etc?

Hubert Yee's picture

Hi Candace! Can you share a bit more about your school location (City), mission, and etc. That'll help some other community members to share info that meets your need. Thanks!


Tracy Hanson's picture
Tracy Hanson
K12 Next Generation, Director

Herbert has asked me to get in touch with you regarding the process you are going through to open a charter school. I had been going through the same process myself in New Hampshire. However, our proposal was to deliver education in a totally different format and it was to difficult to get the powers that be to understand what we wanted to do. As a result, we have actually formed an LLC to try to support and unit schools wishing to work toward similar goals. I would be happy to share with you what I am doing and to help in any way I can. Feel free to email me at

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