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problems with a Charter School in Missouri

problems with a Charter School in Missouri

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What is the Chain of Command when there is issues. One being a teacher brought her cell pone in class a kid took it and she was going to suspend 3 grade level which is 6 classes. Computer class the kids are told to get on a computer and they can do whatever they want. How will they learn, in two days I taught them PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Photo Story, they did presentation in PowerPoint and photo story and have written 2 book reports in word not word pad. uniforms is another thing; it is red polos with white strips or red polos because they do not have the shirts for all the kids, with blue or tan pants. My daughter is not small and they did not have her size so we went out and got the red polos and she was told if she wore that again she would have a 3 day suspension. My son wore blue corduroys and he was told the same they tried to say they were pin striped, not so just cords. Then they have them in tutorial for subject they don't need help but this is allowing them to not be in clubs. They are in the 5th grade and was looking forward to the clubs, even brought their grades up to B from when they were sick and us moving.They are also not teaching to grade level. MOM that is also getting her Masters in Education, but is now thinking of homeschooling. Any advice is appreciated.

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Mark Hazelton's picture

If you cant find anyone in charge, then the buck stops with you. If you like the school, you should dig in and try to figure out what is going on there. If it looks like to much chaos for you versus the benifits, I recommend getting out.

At my school, I would want a parent to talk with me before bailing. There have definitely been times when something is going on and nobody tells me. Sometimes the fix is easy.

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