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K-2nd Grade Curriculum

K-2nd Grade Curriculum

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“Girl, just send your son to the school on the corner K-2nd grade curriculum is the same every where you go.” I hear people buzzing about their child education. Some people believe education is education and it is the same, My question is what is the difference between K-2 grade curriculum is it the same basics within charter schools and public school. Which curriculum is better for your child and prepare your child for middle. high school, so that when is time to go to college they are prepared.

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Chad Sansing's picture
Chad Sansing
Charter school humanities teacher for non-traditional middle grade learners

Thanks, Yolanda - great question.

Some charter schools sometimes follow a traditional curriculum, but spend more time on it and use specialized instruction with it.

Other charter schools have missions aligned with specific approaches. For example, an arts-infused charter school might teach a traditional curriculum through the arts or provide a different, arts-based curriculum.

All charter schools typically have more flexibility in using new materials to meet the needs of their students. Usually, a traditional public school teacher has to use materials pre-approved by a school board. Charter schools have freedom to more quickly adopt materials that fit students needs on their own.

I don't have any elementary experience, so I'll also send out your question via Twitter.

Again, thank you!

Kara's picture

It is completely dependant upon the school. Most traditional public schools utilize the same curriculum and teach the same concepts. Of course the delivery and methods is dependant on the teacher. Charter schools are required to teach the State standards, but tend to have more flexibility in terms of the delivery. I've found that every Charter School varies. I'm a First Grade Teacher at a Waldorf-inspired Charter School and the methods of delivering content are dramatically different from traditional public schools. We utilize a method which teaches through story, art, movement, song and verse. It's a way of teaching the whole child. The school also incorporates a great deal of parent involvement to ensure the best interests of each child are achieved. This method works amazing for many children, but as with any system it doesn't always serve the needs of everyone. I would highly recommend that you research the schools and teachers in your area and choose a school to send your child accordingly.

Margaret Shafer's picture
Margaret Shafer
Third grade teacher in the Midwest

Comments above show the upside of charters. I've read that the quality and performance of charters varies widely and that some research shows that, on average, traditional public schools outperform charters. Other research shows the opposite. See for a balanced piece.

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