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In-district charter schools

In-district charter schools

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I'm interested in finding some good examples of in-district charter schools -- charter scchools that are operating under the auspices of a public school district.

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Chad Sansing's picture
Chad Sansing
Charter school humanities teacher for non-traditional middle grade learners

Hi, Shelley!

Bobbi Snow, our group co-facilitator, founded the in-district charter school at which I work - the Community Public Charter School. We work in Virginia, a state with few charters and a code that exclusively authorizes local school boards to grant charters.

Our school website is

Murray High School is another chartered school in our division. It's website is here:

What questions can we answer for you?

Mark Hazelton's picture

I think these charter schools in Oregon are examples of district initiated charter schools that do very well with their populations. As an independent minded charter school person, I have been skeptical. However, these are innovative and well operated schools.

Corbett School District 39
35800 Hst Columbia River Highway
Corbett, OR 97019-9687
(503) 695-3636

Days Creek School
11381 Tiller Trail Highway
Days Creek, OR 97429
(541) 825-3296

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