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How to implement career academies/linked learning in my school/classroom?

How to implement career academies/linked learning in my school/classroom?

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I will be reaching out to a number of programs that have career academies/linked learning/cte programs to find out how they did it. If you're with a school that made this transition successfully, please post your answers to these questions in this thread: How did you get your district/administration's support? How/with what resources did you make the case to them? What sorts of support services do you have for those students in academies/pathways? What sorts of PD do you make available for teachers? Anything else you'd like to share with the edutopia community on your experience creating a program like this? thanks!

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Barbara Young's picture

There are several high schools in the Clark County School District in Las Vegas Nevada. This seems to be the trend here in the valley as their students are failing on academic areas. However, I have just begun exploring these schools and they have FANTASTIC PROGRAMS! If you would like, go to CCSD website and visit a few of their high school sitess... A-TECH is one with a very successful program. Canyon High has one as well. I am certain that their administration would love to chat with you.. There is a site, CCSD TV that has numerous CTE videos prepared by the students explaining their programs. Good Luck!

Noureddine Lalami's picture
Noureddine Lalami
Business Teacher: Grades 9-12

Our school is currently in the process of moving towards Small Learning Communities and as staff, we have been working on implementing the PLC model (Professional Learning Communities) that could move us towards creating effective SLCs. Most of our professional development days have been devoted to working on making the PLC model work for us. By that I mean getting people to buy into the idea that as educators, we should focus on learning rather than teaching. We have three academies that work with each department to create career pathways that could lead students to industry specific jobs. So far things are still slowly moving but it's something that many of us see as beneficial to our students in the long run.

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