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More general questions about implementing a career tech/college prep program

More general questions about implementing a career tech/college prep program

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Arthur Shostak What is the ratio of males to females in these programs? And, in the teacher ranks? Margie, teacher from Dona Ana Comm. College - what are some funding sources, specifically organizations that give grant money for these schools? Deborah Nelson asks: Remember that the Association for Career & Technical Education is also a great resource for ideas like this that have been going for many years. Debbie Nelson, CTE Coordinator, Jeffco Public Schools, Lakewood, CO (ACTE comment - sorry, I pushed enter too soon) Gregg Jones How much can a teacher carry the vision without the school administration on board? Cindy Hallam I teach in Texas. The graduation requirement for our students is 26 credits. Did I understand correctly that California is only 15 or is this just core subjects? Debra Andrews what is the level of involvement with the CA Dept. of Education? Laona Leboeuf what governing body is responble for approving a course for being a- g certified? how would you start the process to get a course certified so that students can get credits? Rebecca Kellogg Rebecca Small Kellogg, Director of the Learning and Success Center at Jefferson Community College in upstate NYWhat type of College faculty to hs faculty concerns have you seen? How did you overcome the "blame" game. Tracy Merrell How can the rigor and lab experience be mimiced in more rural areas where major institutions of higher learning are not accessible? Is this possible in these areas? Tracy Merrell New York Bryan Goodwin Most of the multiple learning pathways approaches I've seen/read about start in high school. Are there any that start sooner (e.g., middle school)? Rachelle Ramoda - We have three Career and Technical Education centers with students (juniors and seniors) enrolled from 18 component school districts. Math and Science are integrated for credit into the CTE programs but all other academics are held at the home school. This is a very rural area. What would you recommend as the best first step toward the "linked learning" model? Kathy interested parent of a teenager (also an early childhood educator) - Tulsa, OK. Q: Does anyone have suggestions for implementing this at a young private school? I know that many funding pathways are only for public schools but our High School is so young that additional funding would be nec. to kick something like this off. Any suggestions would be appreciated :). Kathy Johnson What do they attribute the no improvement in math testing performance to? Kathy Purviance: Our district is opposed to the pathways/academies model. What resources are out there to help CTE teachers integrate core curriculum into CTE courses? Specifically math

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Russ Moore's picture
Russ Moore
Founder of Seamless Education Associates, Inc.

I've started 17 "college and career academy" charter schools in Georgia since 2004. All of these charters are partnerships (and non-profit corporations) governed by a Board of Directors that includes one or more public K-12 school districts, a technical (or community) college, other colleges/universities in the area, parents, and local business/industry (most often represented through one or more chambers of commerce). Georgia charter school law requires "control and management" by a public school system, but in reality, the school district(s) must collaborate with the other partners in order to succeed and be sustainable. Please come see us! I am happy to be a resource for best pratices. Our graduation rates are approaching 100%, drop out rates are dropping (pun intended), and our placement rates of high school graduates in college and/or in jobs for which we train them are 100%. Most significantly, our students who are economically disadvantaged are passing state standardized academic graduation tests in math and science the first time they take them more than 20% higher than the district pass rates - and they don't always take math or science at our schools. They DO take CTE electives that convey academic content in an applied setting! CTE rocks!

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