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Career Tech and College Prep Webinar: General Questions

Career Tech and College Prep Webinar: General Questions

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Judy Peterson asks another one: Many of our students do not even know what career they would like. How do we give studnets experince so they can choose the pathway they want to study? Judy Peterson: Should PE be part of the cross curriculum in these schools? John Weir asks: As an Architect, what do you consider the more valuable space considerations for supporting a robust CTE program?

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Betty Ray's picture
Betty Ray
Senior Editor at Large

Steven Demett asks How were upper-level school system administrators influenced to adopt linking of career tech and college prep? How were school board members and the general public influenced to adopt merging career tech and college prep?

Sylvia Oliver asks Do students get dual credit for any EHA courses?

Carol Cruz How effective is your Bravo website? We are going to develop one through a grant.

Glen Hutloff asks The Bravo-USC relationship seems amazing but isn't it a rather unique arrangement, not broadly replicable, because of the limited number of institutions that can provide comparable resources?

Megan Biller asks : What federal and state agencies should you submit grants to?

Janet Jones asks : Can we get more information on how to start such programs rather than the in depth info on one school and its forms???

Kathy Johnson asks : Are there highschool linked learning models that show success for unmotivated students who are not coming from supportive parent homes?

Betty Ray's picture
Betty Ray
Senior Editor at Large

Sonya Travanty asks: what do your support services look like? Wondering what you provide to help students be successful?

Virginia Jones asks: in Virginia next school year, all students will have to complete an Academic & Career plan that I believe will assist students in identifying with a pathway. My concern is "winning over" the counselors to this concept. Any previous experience in this with your Linked Learning? Any suggestions - web sites, training?

Arthur Shostak: In the Sample Pathway there was no Art, Literature, or Civics - Is that wise, given their unique value?

Steven Dimmett : In communities where the expectation is focused on students preparing for college at the exclusion of exposure to career/technical courses, how has the mindset been changed?

Giuliana Brahim Crosby I work at a correctional facility of minimun security. As a transitonal viable option we give our students options where to continue their education. Can you send a list of those schools? I am based in the Santa Clara County School District, Silicon Valley.

Betty Ray's picture
Betty Ray
Senior Editor at Large

Charlott LaHecka asks It seems to me from the programs that I have looked at, i.e.--Big Picture Schools--that require teachers to have a very different set of skills that those that present-day teacher education programs provide. Are you aware of alternative teacher education programs? Charlotte LeHecka, Director--Institute for Accelerative Learning, Teaching & Research

Steve Dimmett asks : In what way has the business community embraced the linking of career and post-secondary preparation?

Vicki Fawcett-Adams asks Do students self-select for a science related career? or is there a competency exam or other? Do you offer career placement?

Susan Ellis writes: I teach in the 12th largest district in the country. With NCLB, we noticed a gradual decline in our CTE teacher numbers. Students would request our classes, but would be pulled for remediation courses, etc. in order to pass standardized exams. When students who were passing did request specific CTE classes, the leadership team (guidance) would try to balance these kids in electives as a way of keeping teachers jobs rather than allowing students to choose their classes based on their career choices. How do teachers who want to offer these programs to kids with a genuine interest get around this mindset in individual administrative teams? Again, I teach in a very large county and successful CTE programs often depend on how much buy-in they have in their individual buildings. How can an entire district promote buy-in among all administrators in all schools based on student desire?

Ketsia Hamilton asks: Is it possible to incorporate any of these models into an online learning curriculum?

Sylvia Oliver asks: How many students can you accommodate in the STAR program?

Kathy Johnson asks : What is the success rate for students who enter high school as low income low academic achievement and low income/ single parent household?
Kathy Johnson and I am Executive Director - Kalamazoo Valley Community College - Kalamazoo Michigan

Kristen Baldwin asks: Is the vision that in the future all high school students are linkied in a pathway? How are the pathways linked to the work force neeeds? Kristen Baldwin, Tyler Area P-16 Council

Kathy Baron's picture
Kathy Baron
Former Edutopia reporter and editor, mother of two.

Hi, I have forwarded some of these questions to Joe Cocozza and Gary Hoachlander. There are a few that I can answer, or point you in the direction for answers.

The number of professional development programs for teaching in an academy setting is growing. Elk Grove Unified School District uses the Ford Partnership for Advanced Studies (Ford PAS) program and tailors it to their needs. You can also find information through ConnectEd, the National Academy Foundation and the National Career Academy Coalition. Our resource page has links to all of these and more.

The Teachers College of San Joaquin has a new training program for current teachers new to a career academy program.
Although it's in California, the folks there can possibly provide direction to other places around the country.

For teacher credential students or people thinking about a career in teaching, San Diego State University has developed a program called Linked Learning Lens within its school of education. Lens is at several California State University campuses and will soon be starting at UCLA.

Kathy Baron's picture
Kathy Baron
Former Edutopia reporter and editor, mother of two.

Partnerships vary in degree. The key for establishing strong partnerships is to seek out local businesses and industries that are a vital part of your community's economic base.

In San Diego, the local construction industry actually provided some seed money for the Construction Tech Academy to meet a need for training workers.

Green energy academies have formed strong partnerships with alternative energy companies and old line energy companies that are working on sustainable energy, such as Pacific Gas & Electric in northern California.

Check out our Schools That Work article on Seven Steps to Building School to Industry Partnerships.

You may also want to look over a report titled "reinventing high school: Six journeys of change," at

markjerkins's picture

CaerusPoint, the creator of the unique new career guidance video series 'Major Decision' just took home 11 awards including Best of Education category.

'Major Decision' is an education-based series of entertaining videos (appealing to a diverse audience) that dissect each highlighted career in less than a half hour in the form of an up-beat hosted show, and feature an informal in-depth interview of a professional in that specific field. This offers a high school senior or first-year college student an accurate "day-in-the-life" depiction of a career in an exciting and positive platform. The series provides present-day, real world guidance from an expert within his or her area of expertise. The Major Decision career guidance video library spans twelve popular industries and showcases up to five careers within each industry.

The unique informal in-person interview style, comprehensive career coverage and proprietary career ranking system set this series apart from other career guidance programs. The series helps boost post-secondary education and helps reduce dropout rates by educating America's youth about the array of careers that are available today.

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