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Best Online Rubric-Makers?

Best Online Rubric-Makers?

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I'm refreshing an older piece of Edutopia content on authentic assessment, and wanted to include some good links to online rubric-making tools. Much like free curriculum resource sites, I found there were piles of them, and it's hard to know which ones are truly useful and valuable.

So I'm crowd-sourcing: if you only could use three online tools to build rubrics, what would you choose? Or do you even use online rubric-building tools at all?

To start it off, here are a few I've been poking around in:

Good? Bad? Ugly?

Thanks for your ideas!


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Ms N's picture
Ms N
6th grade social studies from Manteo, NC

It gives me a good start and I change the wording to fit my needs.

SASCompLab's picture
Elementary School Computer Teacher

I use Rubistar. It's a good starting point and easy to customize.

Brendan Breen's picture
Brendan Breen
School Library Media Specialist in Brewster NY

I am trying to get my school to sign-up for Google Apps for Education. We are piloting a prgram for the 3rd & 4th marking period. I want the students to have access to the communication tools like e-mail but that is currently being blocked on grounds that it does not support student learning. Does anybody know of any good resources I could use to help me make a case for e-mail and communication tools in the classroom?

DeuxCentimes's picture
Parent of one middle school student

Use the Blackboard model to help make your case. Blackboard is a computer/online Learning Management System that uses e-mail as one of the methods for students and instructors to communicate. It also uses discussion boards and blogs. Blackboard encourages collaborative learning. My most memorable college classes used Blackboard extensively.

Keith Heggart's picture
Keith Heggart
High School Teacher from Sydney, Australia

Hi Brendan,
I can't believe that your school is arguing against Google Apps for Education. Have you shown them all the case studies on the site? For what it's worth, we've been a GAFE school for about 1/2 a year now, and it has made (already) an incredible difference to the school - and email is only a small part of it. Google Docs is currently very popular, as is Google Sites. Email is useful, too.

Keith Heggart's picture
Keith Heggart
High School Teacher from Sydney, Australia

Wow! How have I not seen Rubistar before? I've mucked around with Numbers, Excel, heaps of other ways of making Rubics and always been annoyed with the results. Think I'm going to be using Rubistar from now on!

Susan's picture
Art & Design Specialist teacher from New Zealand

Rubistar is excellent- also great to co-construct rubrics with students. This helps their understanding -having ownership.

Saadia Munir's picture
Saadia Munir
Emerging Technologies Across Curriculum Ambassador

E-mail is a safe way to provide personalized feedback to the learners about their work. I used it in my case class V learners provided feedback to their peers on some written work. They e-mail it to the respective person and sent a CC to me. I feel its fast and privacy measures are better taken care of with it.

Tim Anderson's picture
Tim Anderson
High school Carpentry Teacher from Bossier Parish, LA

Great post! Really love the Rubistar site for creating my own customized rubric! Thanks for sharing!

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