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Student passes state testing, report card show not passing!

Student passes state testing, report card show not passing!

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My youngest has always passed her state test but she has classroom issues! 5th grade I told her teacher that she was not ready to move on to 6th. They moved her on anyway! She is know in 7th grade and will be home schooled next year. I intend to hold her back myself! Between Pre-K and 5th grade she had sever speech delay so I had the comfort of IEPs but her final one in 5th grade, I made it very clear that she needed to stay after school 30-45 minute every day and it needed to be part of her schedule so it becomes a routine, this never happened, she needed that time to ask question, to review her homework and work with a teacher if she needed to! Through out 7th grade she started out great but know she is failing every class she has! She is having problems with bulling and harassment! I have tried to get the school to take care of it but the damage that has already been done can't be repaired. (I must say that I have already gone through this with my middle daughter for 3yrs she has just started 9th and is going great!)So understand that I as a mom will not watch another one of my children be torn apart for the sake of education! Okay needed to vent but how do I find out her learning style and where she really is with out over testing? Thanks for listening!

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David Wees's picture
David Wees
Formative Assessment Specialist for New Visions for Public Schools

First, keep trusting your instincts. You know your daughter better than teachers do, and you have a better overall picture of her because you have been with her from the beginning.

You may find home-schooling doesn't work if only because you may have the patience to teach your daughter, but you lack the training to help her specific needs. That being said, it doesn't sound like her current school is doing a very good job.

I would look around and see if there are other schools which have more support for students with IEPs. I would also look into local alternatives to mainstream education. Not every child benefits from schools and the way they are structured.

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