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CCS Math and Art

CCS Math and Art

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I am new to Edutopia. As the Kindergarten Art Docent- I have been asked to come up with several art projects that integrate the CCS Math.

The art activity should include any of the following:
Numbers 11-19
3D shapes

Can you please help me brainstorm ideas or resources for this type of activity?


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@creativityassoc's picture
Director, Education Division, Creativity & Associates

Edutopia is a great place to find answers to that question and good for you for giving it a shot.

There are lots of great ways to integreate visual art and math. One of the things that I've seen work really well in practice is the creation of collage/mural or "stained glass" using different colored polygons. It's easy enough to specify dimensions of the full piece and the individual polygons. For instance, have students create the polygons from one material and then the students can work on their composition skills as they create something aesthetically interesting within the confined space.

The same process could be used, with assemblage, to create 3D projects.

Look around Edutopia for lots of other great ideas. There's a whole section on arts integration.

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