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War Horse (Lifesize Puppet) Theater at Lincoln Center NYC

War Horse (Lifesize Puppet) Theater at Lincoln Center NYC

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Dear Colleagues, One of my best friends (who I know since High School and still lives in New York City ) went to see the Show/Theater Production of "War Horse" last night at Lincoln Center and immediately emailed me his "Must See" Recommendation... particularly because I am a puppeteer, but also because the story and production is simply profound. You can see youtube video clips by typing in "War Horse" and follow its evolution from Handspring Puppet Company in South Africa to London's box office success, and now to the Big Apple at Lincoln Center -- Smash Hit :-) I found this video from the TED Series that presents the co-creators of the War Horse and 3 actors/puppeteers who give it life on stage... this is amazing to watch... Allen

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Allen Berg's picture
Allen Berg
curriculum and projects learning centers

Dear Colleagues,

I just found out that the original novel by Michael Morpurgo is available for school reading, published by Scholastic Press (suggested for ages 9-12 = 4th - 6th grade) at etc.

AND it will be A Disney Steven Spielberg Movie!!! to be released in December 2011... So that means you might consider using the novel for classroom literature next Autumn in preparation for the December Blockbuster Movie!! :-)

It is always a wonderful lesson to compare a story told in Text and then in Film/Cinema = Big Screen ("Immersion") and how the two different media treat the same story and how they create similar and different experiences for the reader and viewer...

Obvious related novels and movies could be "Black Beauty" and "Black Stallion"...

And if you want to coordinate some Social Studies/History with
"War Horse"... you have World War I as your background "insanity" to lead into World Peace Education...subjects and activities...

Just a "Heads-Up" for some September School Year Planning...

Sincerely Equinely,


ps: And if you want some STEM (STEAM = STEM + Arts) check out my other PBL activities based on the "Kinetic Horse Sculpture" at youtube and my wikispace resources...etc.

Yes, once again, "Everything is Connected..." :-) in PBL...
and Discovery Learning...

Carol Parker's picture
Carol Parker
7/8 Drama, Film, Honors & Regular Language Arts

Thank you so much for this, Allen.

I saw the Tony Awards and was thrilled that WAR HORSE won. I had read the reviews and was thrilled that this creative masterpiece won. I cannot wait for this to arrive in Los Angeles.

Yes, I would like to get this for my 7th grade students. Some are low readers and will enjoy this. It will also be great that they will have read the story when the film comes out! I will have to buy it though. Cutbacks always hurt children.

And, thank you TED...

J. Casey Lane's picture
J. Casey Lane
5th-8th Grade Theatre teacher and after school drama program director.

I imagine you have found these resources, but if not do take a look! I love to hear that people are taking a chance on bringing this stunning new play into the classroom!

iTunesU --series of interviews, video diaries, etc.

Happy Teaching,

J. Casey Lane

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