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Brand New Google Art Project

Brand New Google Art Project

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Dear Colleagues, The Art Project by Google: Museums around the World Brand New February 2, 2011 posted by Allen Google keeps on inventing New Products and Services for its worldwide audience = all of us... Now you can visit museums all around the world for free and at your leisure and choosing: The Muesum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York City The Palce at Versailles, France The Hermitage in St.Petersburg, Russia The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands The Uffizi Palace in Florence, Italy etc. And view up-close and personal hundreds of masterful paintings... I just visited one of my favorite museums: MOMA, having grown-up in New York City, and viewed one of my favorite paintings: "The Sleeping Gypsy" by Henri Rousseau, 1897. Wow, what an "emotional resonance"... This Painting is like an old friend, a longtime brother "re-visited"... It's pure magic for me... beyond words... So I'll just say "thank you, and have an artful week..." Allen

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Kathryn Bird's picture

This is a fabulous way for people to view the art museums of the world. Thank you. Kathryn Bird

Terre Jenkins's picture

This is great. Now we can bring works of art into our class up close and "personal" Showing the difference between how Van Gogh and Botticelli apply paint to the surface is a terrific teaching tool as well as a way to encourage students to take the time to really view art when they see art in person.

Jennifer's picture

Using Google Art Project to view art from museums around the world is a great opportunity for schools like mine that are rural and nowhere near galleries and museums. Students in my school are sheltered from the world of art and the possibilities it provides. By taking interactive tours online, it affords access to many Master Artists and their work. Students also enjoy learning about the art because they are able to use the computers and the internet to research and discover. Students get a change to use 21st Century skills while looking at "old school" art. It takes a subject that many feel they cannot relate to and makes it more exciting. This tool is a good jumping off point for students to create their own online gallery where they can collaborate with other students on their ideas.

Allen Berg's picture
Allen Berg
curriculum and projects learning centers

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for your commentary about the Google Art Project
and your use of this wonderful online resource to bring the World
to your School... and your School to the World...
no matter how "rural" you are...

You are an inspiration for other teachers worldwide, to help create the Artistic Connection that is vital for us all, no matter where we live on our Planet...

The Google Art Project is just beginning, so they will be expanding their list of participating museums worldwide...

I would be happy to receive any updates from you and your students as you visit and study these great works of art and create your own as well...

Edutopia is about connecting and sharing: we all are learners and teachers and resources...

On a related note, I just today 'discovered' the Youtube Video Dance Channel, which has weekly updates of cool dance videos around the world...all different styles and all different ages and all the same love of Dance...

Here is a link to a New York City "Flash Mob" Dance Happening in the middle of Grand Central Station!!!

Keep on sharing our Arts and Music and Dance etc.

"Ya'gotta express what ya'gotta express..."
as we New Yorkers gotta say...

Allen, having fun...with Education...which is Life...

Allen Berg's picture
Allen Berg
curriculum and projects learning centers

Dear Dancers:

And because we are just gettin started... here is
The Kids World of Dance Competition 2011
awesome 6 minute video at youtube:

Does your school encourage "fly"...
in between math and science...?
Does your school teach English "fly"
and Social Studies "fly"...?
and does the Curriculum Committee
plan to incorporate "fly' in Math and Science...?

go to

to check it out...

Allen :-)

"Everything is possible in Springtime"...

Jennifer's picture

Deat Allen,

Thank you for the response. I look forward to seeing the Google Art Project expand. It is a world of opportunities!

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