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Art across the curriculum...

Art across the curriculum...

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TGIF Colleagues, It's Friday before Thanksgiving Holiday... Powerful words for all teachers and parents and kids and everyone else... :-) Lots of the country will be getting and going "hysterical" traveling soon to be with family and friends or expecting "Them" to arrive at your doorstep...with lots of emotions to deal with... This time of year, "Less is more" is a gentle wisdom to remember... Meanwhile, techno-newbie me, finally figured out how to rename and re-circuit my Picasa Web Album so that I can easily share my photographs documenting "Art Across the Curriculum" in-progress, with you'all... :-) I hope the above link works correctly... If it does, there will be about a dozen photo albums to view... for curricular ideas and examples, and the most current album of just 3 photos called "Grid Design Template" is the very beginning of a coloring design project I will be doing throughout December in preparation for creating Holiday Greeting Cards and Wrapping Paper and other arts... I will provide explanations and colorful examples in further postings... "To see the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower To hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour." William Blake Kind Regards this Holiday Season, Peace... Allen Berg

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Allen Berg
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Dear Janet Val

Shoebox is a project developed by Karen Thimmesch for her 4th grade students. See her Students as Designers cluster for more project ideas at the Science Museum of Minnesota, online:

Querida Janet Val, Psicologa y Educadora
Colegio Mirabal Infantil, Espana:

Gracias por su comentario amable sobre mi proyectos en artes y en educacion aqui
en nuestro El Grupo de Edutopia Artes Maestros. Yo seguido el enlace a su blog y que se encuentran las fotografias de los estudiantes haciendos proyectos des artes muy agradable y 'alentadora' (encouraging :-).

Aqui esta otro websitio artes educacion excelente para usted y sus colegas a explorar: es del Museo de la Ciencia de Minnesota, llamado el "Pensamiento Fuente".
El proyecto de arte especifico incluido aqui utiliza un simple carton caja de zapatos y un simple gancho de ropa para hacer un juguete automata por y para los ninos.
Hay muchos otros proyectos de artes para los ninos, en esta websitio ...

Disfrutar y hacerno saber de sus proyectos y el progreso ...


Allen Berg: "Maestro Chivo" :-)

ps: Yo puedo apprendar mi espanol con escribir a usted, si quieres... :-)

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