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Are you experienced in Art/Music/Drama? We need your help!

Are you experienced in Art/Music/Drama? We need your help!

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Hello, educators, my name is Jerusha Hufstetler. I am currently enrolled in a Master's Program through Full Sail University for Education Media Design and Technology. Part of the requirement to graduate is caring out an Action Research Project. My sister, Joanna Puello, are creating an online virtual hub of tutorial videos in music, drama, art, painting, pottery, and music to reach the underdeveloped classrooms. HUGE DREAM! We need YOUR help! We are in the middle of researching what the best materials out in the school systems today. Please visit the sight below if you are references, resources, or would like to partner as a critical friend. Thank you!

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Marina's picture
curator/educator/artist at Art-E-Motion

it all goes back to the primordial question what is art, and why do we need art in our life nowadays,
How does our art involvement change according to cultural environment, tradition and expectation,
art and the figure of the artist how different or similar through out history
how different arts will take different and similar role in different educational settings and expressions
lets hear your point of view!

Allen Berg's picture
Allen Berg
curriculum and projects learning centers

Hi my name is Allen Berg, I would be happy to share some Arts Education Curriculum examples and discovery-learning projects, to assist and collaborate in your Online Arts Hub resources and links...

I have recently created a blog called Education Fun at

Where I am beginning to create and collect Arts Education examples across interdisciplinary subjects, including: Language Arts, Math and Science, Social Studies, etc.

If you visit my blog, I would be happy to get your comments and suggestions on how I can help your research and participate in your Online Arts Education Hub...

Collegially with Arts & Crafts,

Allen Berg

Rhonda Russell's picture
Rhonda Russell
piano:performer/composer/recording artist/ private teacher

My first "help" suggestion is to make certain that you have a very good
proofreader for the work that you do. The email above is replete with
errors. That shouldn't happen on the finished projects. (sorry....I was
a proofreader in our Graduate Music Office where I received my Masters
in Piano Performance.) Musically there are too many thoughts to enter
here. I will check out the Blog.

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