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Congress Approves Arts In Education Week, 3rd Week September

Congress Approves Arts In Education Week, 3rd Week September

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It is great news that Congress has acknowledged the importance of arts in education by establishing a week in September to promote it. This week joins Arts Education month in March. Arts in education is meant to acknowledge the importance of arts integration as well as discipline-based instruction. Because the week is so early in the school year, the #artsed chat (Thursdays at 7pm ET on Twitter) brainstormed on ways to make the week relevant as a way to promote arts education advocacy. We came up with several ideas, two of which really bubbled to the top: 1. Establish a Pledge to support arts education through specific actions. (We promoted the idea to Americans for the Arts and they look to be pursuing it.) This pledge would lead to a national grassroots effort to have people testify in local boards of education on the importance of arts education during Arts Education month in March (look for more information on this soon). 2. Encourage arts teachers to launch projects during Arts in Education Week that can be completed later in the year. This will draw attention to some of the process elements that we in arts education know are so important. Please give us some of your ideas for how to take the best advantage of Congress' actions last week. Unless we take action, this will be another meaningless gesture to fit in with all of the other "weeks" that it shares, including Assisted Living Week, Invisible Chronic Illness Week and Historically Black Colleges and Universities Week. (Thanks to Sarah Collins for this list.)

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Elizabeth Peterson's picture
Elizabeth Peterson
teacher, author, consultant, founder of The Inspired Classroom

This is great! I like both ideas and think we should in some way discuss both. I'm glad that this week "covers" both arts ed and integration. Both are so valuable to our learning! Will these topics be discussed closer to Sept or will the conversations happen sooner??

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