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Incorporating the Arts in the classoom

Incorporating the Arts in the classoom

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Arts is a area that is fading away in most schools. Teachers are now finding unique ways to incoporate the world of art in their classroom . So what are some effective ways to bring arts into a regular classroom such english,social studies and science? How can they be successfully combined and taught together? Is there any room for arts in the classroom?

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Mrs. W's picture
Mrs. W
5-8 Language Arts and History Teacher

There are so many ways to incorparate arts into the classroom. The school I am working at does not have the funds to higher an art teacher next year, so it will be up to the classroom teacher to incorporate arts. I plan to use literature and history to study artists and artwork from those time periods. In science using the environment and recycling to make artwork is a good idea.

Jennifer Holcombe's picture
Jennifer Holcombe
After School care at the Austin Discovery School (Challenge School)

The good thing about art is that is resides lovingly inside us all.

As I read this opening topic I realized something quite good can come out of "missing Art Teachers" (not that this is my preferance!). All the teachers will become more creative based to "fill in" what is missing creatively. And if a teacher feels less comfortable with art and they are willing to tap into their students, the children will more than show you the way! They are chock full of ongoing ideas and their interests will lead into creative arenas!

Every subject has a way and a time to teach it creatively. Think color, think texture, think dimension, think teams, think recording... It's endless!

Think it around the room, out into the hallways, into gardens and into every possible space! Share it with the rest of the school and with visitors! That's what our Elementary School does!*

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