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What new and inventive ways are you using technology to teach your students musically?

What new and inventive ways are you using technology to teach your students musically?

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Joanna Puello's picture
Joanna Puello
CEO/Founder of World Upside Down

I'm starting a non-profit school called World Upside Down, which will offer video classes in dance, theater, music, and visual arts. We'll be creating our first video promo within the month. Stay tune via: or We'll be starting with video classes for 3rd-5th grade and will be test piloting our first set of video classes here in the US. We did a our initial beta test in the Dominican Republic two years ago, and it went very well. So now we're taking the next step. If you would be interested in getting your school involved in the test pilot, let me know. The test pilot video classes come free of charge, but users must sign a contract agreeing to provide detailed data (via surveys) while implementing the program.

Mike Procyk's picture
Mike Procyk
Band teacher from Bowling Green, Ohio

I'm not currently using anything in the classroom due to a lack of equipment. That said, Youtube is excellent to watch performances, I send students links to many great websites that offer free online lessons. is great. Also, something as simple as a free online metronome is a great tool.

Jason Thorne's picture
Jason Thorne
Band teacher, grades 6-8

I have the wonderful opportunity to teach a special needs music class, in addition to regular band classes. I use the one iPad I have to allow my special learners to play songs and such, they wouldn't otherwise be able to play guitars because of their limitations. This allows them to do so.

For my regular ed kids, we use the iPad to tune, keep time, and research songs...

We have a program called, SmartMusic which allows us to see the music in action on the big screen. The program has a play along tracks that are fun and really energize the kids...

Katsaris Christos's picture

hi man. i'm a user of reason so i would like to know how do you use it in the classroom. any suggested activities with it? :) thanks

Becky Fisher's picture
Becky Fisher
Education Consultant

Hey Katsaris,

When I was a music teacher I used Garage Band in our pop music unit. We learned how to create beats, background music, and record multiple tracks of vocals. Before we got to Garage Band, we studied the history of pop music, the structure of songs, and how to go about writing a pop song. It was tons of fun and students LOVED it. Also, I made a CD of all the songs and gave them out at the end of the unit.

I also like for home practice or even using digital instruments to form a band. There are tons of different instruments available on the app store or play store. If you have iPads, you can have each student playing a different instrument and create a symphony!

Hope this helps!

Richard J. Frank's picture
Richard J. Frank
President and Founder of

Garageband is TOTALLY cool and free if you have Mac. Audacity is free too, for PC (Mac too I think).

Have your students drag in any mp3 from a song they like into either of these programs. If you get the tempo-bpm set and line up the measures you can add percussion tracks and extra parts. Plug their instruments/mics into the system and play along.

Best part is hearing back what you are doing. Then soloing the part. It's bound to "not be pretty". And the light bulb goes off - "do I really sound like that?." Then do it again.

New technology can be a great tool. But it can be a crutch too. Monitor the process.


Darcy Hill's picture
Darcy Hill
Creative Drama and Music Teacher Pre-K through 5th Grade

Music is magical with kids of all ages; it connects them and levels academic and social playing fields that frequently cause divisions. I am an Elementary Drama Teacher. Technology has been useful as a rehearsal tool in that I can record students singing with a digital recorder or my phone and then text the recording to their classroom teacher so that practice may continue during free moments in the classroom. Also, I will occasionally post songs I've written for or with my students on YouTube and again, this allows them to practice in their classrooms or even at home.

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