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#artsed Chat Topic Suggestions

#artsed Chat Topic Suggestions

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Twitter is a world in which we communicate with one another in 140 characters or fewer. There are several great chats going about education (#edchat and #blacked, for example). A date, time and topic are chosen in advance. During that one hour a week, people with interest in the topic join a live feed discussion. It is time for #artsed to have that conversation. I volunteer to facilitate. I will keep this discussion thread going, advertise the chats and post the topic based on voting. Please post your suggestions for chat time and topics.

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Sarah Katherine Collins's picture

... Though I'm a little concerned that "consistent dialogue" might be a bit of an oxymoron. I'm leaning more towards this notion of a dialogue as an exchange, a give and take with multiple voices, where we don't all necessarily agree but convene upon a set of shared core values. If by consistent you mean to maintain this national dialogue at a more regular rate, then yes! ...Oh boy I can already tell the 140 characters of a twitter chat is going to be tough for me.

Susan's picture

Hi Joan,
What a great idea. I will pass this forum along to my peers. I know there is much interest.

Keep me often will you dialogue?

@creativityassoc's picture
Director, Education Division, Creativity & Associates

Hi Susan, We will be meeting every Thursday at 7 pm. I will tweet like mad before each one. Would love to hear your ideas about topics.

Jim Brodie Brazell's picture
Jim Brodie Brazell
Radical Platypus

[quote]What is the relationhsip of the arts to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and the emergent innovation agenda?

How do the arts contribute to global dialog and expression in new worlds such as virtual worlds, serious games, augmented reality and new media?

What role is there for the arts in the academic-career and techncial education (CTE) integration movement?

Have you heard of the TEAMS and STEM movement that unifies STEM and the ARTS?


National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Reports
Reaching Students Through STEM and the Arts, 1/7/2010 - NSTA Reports--Debra Shapiro



Darrell Baker's picture

I'm a teacher and an actor. I am working on a paper on "Why is it so important to keep the arts education in our public schools? I am going to need plenty of suggestions and help from across the USA. I'm interested in how schools can have teachers to teach art education in their classes, no matter what they teach. Most teachers do not know how to teach the arts education. It's not just teaching music, drama, drawing/art,and visual arts. The Arts Education is what makes the student learn better and the student will be much happier in school. The students learn interpersonal relationship skills, etc. It's teaching students in all classes through arts education that will make the student learn,. become a better student and a netter way of life now and in the future. WIth the arts edcation the students are never bored in class. The arts education keeps them on their toes and their brains alert. Here in NYC we have a STARR Program where actors that are college graduates can become NYC substitute teachers. The actor must take training in education. The students love this because the actors come in to the school and teach the arts. Then students are never bored as they are with some of their teachers. This program is working well and it's a must that it be in every school district, not only District 4. THe arts education must never be written off. I believe at times it's all a farce with these politicians and school administrators. WHat we read in print is not always true, is it?

Karen Nelson's picture

[quote]How can local arts organizations help the communities to value the arts, reaching both parents and children?[/quote]
I am especially interested in this as well. In my small town, the local hospital has a "hallway" called the "Healing Arts Gallery", and one month out of the year, the Middle School and High School have a chance to display their art. I only wish it were more often.

@creativityassoc's picture
Director, Education Division, Creativity & Associates

Hello everyone.

Thanks so much for contributing your ideas for the #artsed chat that is happening tonight at 7:00 pm ET. We have been conducting a "twitpoll" through Twitter and the topic favored the most by voters is "creating a national #artsed conversation." Please join us tonight on Twitter for the inaugural #artsed chat. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone.

I will start a new topic tomorrow to get ready for next week's chat. All topics not chosen this week will be forwarded to next week's list.


Carol Parker's picture
Carol Parker
7/8 Drama, Film, Honors & Regular Language Arts

Wow Darrell, you are so lucky and you are SO RIGHT ON RIGHT. And, no one, NO ONE KNOWS THIS LIKE AN ARTS teacher!! I used to live in the city and it is so alive and filled with that RUSH! which is so exuberant that it solves 99% of the problem of teaching the ARTS! Here in Southern Cal you would think with Hollywood so many near people would understand the importance and appreciate the need, but NOPE! NOT A CLUE. Most of my staff does not support or understand the class I teach nor the trips I try to take to the GETTY or Broadway shows.

However, I do what I do in my classroom (and still get criticized by my faculty), but I know I impact my students. I teach Art History and appreciation to 8th graders. It mostly cost my $$$ but well worth it! They love learning about the history of radio, tv and film. It is wonderful to see their eyes open watching silent films, they are in awe. Chaplin of course pulls them into the world of films....I love how they are stung............zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....The Marx Brothers and their laughter and begging for more is wonderful to see them laughing and happy and running to me in the morning parking lot asking to see Laurel and Hardy and My Little Chickadee again. Imagine. Children who tell me they hate reading. But, now can actually read!! They actually LOVE LaStrada, and understand the depth of PATHOS and the beauty of Felini............They hold back tears for LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL and hang onto every note for PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. Their begin to uderstand the world of Jim Crow in To Kill a Mockingbird and will see the great Hollywood Musicals the month of May. In June I will show them the popular I AM SAM, and end with Schindler's List.

I want this to be a two year course. So many movies so little time. I often stay late on Tuesdays to show other films they have never seen: Gone With the Wind, La Bamba, Mi Familia, Simon Birch, Waking Ned Devind, Crouching Tigher, Hidden dragon, They love Finding Neverland and Finding Jane.

And, alas so much is taught in film in the story and in between the story. filled with everything in between the lines, the scenes. The Film Language. Oh, how quidkly they pick up the visual arts, how they enjoy working when they do not even realize they are working. And the music they hear but do not know tells the story. The scenery. The teamwork. Mostly the love of living you passion of the arts. Each movie is another experience together of going together on another journey.

Happy enriched children accumulating more than ever before. We are all lucky together. I could go on 12 months of the year. It is never tiring. My Classroom is My Manhattan.

Carol Parker's picture
Carol Parker
7/8 Drama, Film, Honors & Regular Language Arts

The most fun and rewarding activities I have ever done are with students. It is more and more impossible to get adults/faculty involved. The attitude is they cannot read or do math why waste time with the arts???? No matter what "research" we give, the problem is the farther we get away from arts in education the more ignorance we have. The more emphasis on testing, testing, testing the less importance we are having on the beauty of arts in education. We really do not have people who are listening unless they have been involved in the arts in their own childhood.

The other problem is that in order for me to get my students involved in the arts, I need MONEY for the BUS!! I can get the museum to let all of my Title I students in gratis, but the district charges for the, there are not enough fund raisers to pay for a bus. Also, the cost of theatre performances is more costly. It is very difficult. I do what I can in the classroom. We have generations of children who have never been to a museum in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. This isn't even the middle of nowhere! Pathetic...

I believe we need a National voice speaking out for our county to SAVE the ARTS as they are more important. All the research shows the importance and no one is listening. NO ONE. Research does not seem to matter. What matters is convincing the public that our children cannot read or compute or survive without the arts. We have a NATION of SORROW without the arts.

@creativityassoc's picture
Director, Education Division, Creativity & Associates

The #artsed Chat is going really well. I hope you can join us on Thursday evenings at 7pm ET. On May 22, Sir Ken Robinson will be our special guest. I can't wait.

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