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Sir Ken Robinson - Creativity in Education

Sir Ken Robinson - Creativity in Education

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Last night, Elluminate hosted a web interview with Sir Ken Robinson, author of Out of Our Minds and, more recently, The Element. More than 500 educators and others joined the room to hear Sir Ken's ideas on education and creativity. What he has always said and reiterated last night was that the arts are the best way to instill creativity in students. Further, that creativity is required in this new world of ours. However, our schools were designed for an industrial age and are not currently equipped to teach children effectively to function in a creative/information age. (You can find a full recording of the event at You can also find more about Sir Ken at I found out about the web event by participating in a Twitter conversation that happens once a week under the hashtag #edchat. It was great to spend 2 hours thinking about creativity and education. Let's continue the discussion here. What is creativity? To me, it's imagination in action. My role as an educator is to integrate theater into other subjects. This form has creativity as its foundation, especially since my principal medium is improvisation. So, what is creativity to you? How do you bring it into the classroom? How can we all use the arts to nurture that creativity?

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Director, Education Division, Creativity & Associates

Creativity is a concept that should be thought of across subjects because it can easily be applied to all subjects. I think that's why arts integration is so popular, as you're doing. It gives creativity a construct and a product; it's imagination in action. The pride of a product such as yours never leaves the memory. Those kids will remember your class for the rest of their lives. You'd think more people would want to give and receive that gift.

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