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Arts Integration!

Arts Integration!

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I believe this group needs a new name to stand along side STEM and Technology Integration! ARTS INTEGRATION! Gale Sheaffer

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Kevin Crosby's picture
Kevin Crosby
Educator and School Counselor / Trinidad School District #1

We are also at or near the bottom in state funding for the arts. I guess our representatives figure we have enough natural beauty that we don't need art. However, and this is especially true for our youth, art is as much or more about process as it is about product.

Jennifer's picture
Drama teacher from Somerset, New Jersey

Hi, I'm new to the discussion but it is one that I have often with my colleagues. We are working to try to integrate arts more with the academic classes in the high school. Partially to increase awareness of what the arts can offer, partially to prevent cuts to the arts and partially to help advance school culture and climate through the arts. We've used theatre to create an award-winning anti-bullying device drama, "Shadows," that has been shown to our students, the middle school and multiple districts in the state (along with universities and others) that the administration is onboard with and excited about. (If you're interested in what that looks like, visit: That program was done with the Social Studies and English departments. I'm discussing a possible Science and Theatre integration project for next year with some Science teachers. I do believe art teachers are integral to this integration - we bring our value and expertise and the general ed teachers bring theirs.

Just my two cents...

Ms. Vivian's picture
Ms. Vivian
I teach Theater Arts at California pubic schools, K-12.

Arts Education can be used to support General Ed. I have integrated grammar lessons within Theater Arts classes. For example, in a 2nd grade class, I engaged students in Theater Arts activities to teach a lesson about verbs. The class was active, physical, creative, and the grammar lesson was delivered. For a 5th grade class, students participated in Improvisational Acting while learning about English Composition. Arts Education does not need to be delivered in a way that makes it separate from General Ed. It can be used to teach General Ed.

Kevin Crosby's picture
Kevin Crosby
Educator and School Counselor / Trinidad School District #1

I've heard STEM is now STEAM. Is this true? How did they pull it off?

Science Technology Engineering Art Math

Liz Zanze's picture
Liz Zanze
Band, choir and Language Arts in Northern California

Hello everyone,

I am searching for ways to integrate the arts into my 7th grade Language Arts class. I have been teaching music for 20 years and it is a major switch for me to be using books and worksheets everyday! Thanks for your insights and ideas in advance!


Dan Henderson's picture
Dan Henderson
Past District School Board menber; current New Orleans Charter board member

I saw, maybe in the late 1990's, a video (could have been in California) of a middle school teacher recruiting students scoring @ the bottom of the scale. He had them for most of the day, examining artwork (sculpture, paintings, etc.) old and new, teaching art criticism, history, math, chemistry and math!
It was successful! I am looking for the video, the teacher, or any info about that initiative. PLEASE!

Debora Wondercheck's picture
Debora Wondercheck
Executive Director, Founder of Arts & Learning Conservatory

Hello I am new to this place and found the posts really interesting and informative.....

artavina's picture
Kindergarten teacher from Los Angeles, CA

I like to use theater whenever we are covering a story. My students and I recently took "Miss Nelson is Missinfg" and adapted it for the small screen. What started off as a class project on school and community became a production that blended technology, music, and dramatic arts, and at the same time, developed reading comprehension, vocabulary, and oral language skills. The students were encouraged to be creative and work collaboratively, and the results have been rewarding to say the least. Take a look...

Debora Wondercheck's picture
Debora Wondercheck
Executive Director, Founder of Arts & Learning Conservatory

Every child is a star in their own but we as a parents need to find their hidden talent and help them nurture this. If your kid is interested in arts, crafts or music support him and take him ahead. You never know you might be nurturing a star!!!!!!!

Mike Procyk's picture
Mike Procyk
Band teacher from Bowling Green, Ohio

Arts integration is only part of what I do. I do think it's important, but the art for art's sake is equally important.

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