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A Song to Share

A Song to Share

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Here's a great song to use to demonstrate MLK's dream. Now Playing>> Band: Live Record: Mental Jewelry Song: The Beauty of Gray Youtube

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Christine Termini Passarella's picture
Christine Termini Passarella
Founder of The Kids for Coltrane Project in Education

Great pick Janis...hurts your heart to listen to it... because we all know the tragic stories that occur when creativity and individuality are crushed in schools. We also know the joy that is born when children are allowed to soar. Joseph Campbell would call this following your bliss. I feel hopeful that the work going on at Harvard's Project Zero which is led by the brilliant Dr. Howard Gardner and his team will combat the pain the little boy in this song had to endure.

Carol Parker's picture
Carol Parker
7/8 Drama, Film, Honors & Regular Language Arts

Thank you all again for your beautiful thoughts and words of inspiration! You give me more energy in a world where the walls are cement and creativity and individuality is only recognized by a few of my staff. Keep talking. My students are ready to take off. They are so hungry to fly. I help a teesy bit.....but it really is the ART that does it all!

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