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Play about social rights and/or change

Play about social rights and/or change

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Hello! I have just been hired as the Head Drama Coach at my middle school. I am looking for a play with a theme of "change," "speaking out," or something else along those lines. Because of the late hire, I do not believe that we will have time to do a traditional play; however, I know that if I can use multiple groups to do multiple skits with the same theme and overall concept, it will work. The only thing I could think about is "All I really need to know I learned from Kindergarten." Any other ideas? I am also looking to work in spoken word poets with the same theme and a charity bazaar the following day. I'm just missing the biggest puzzle piece- the actual play! Help! Take care, Jen

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Stephen Hurley's picture
Stephen Hurley
Grade Eight Teacher, Group Moderator, Facilitator/teacher arts@newman

Hi Jen,

I would be interested in hearing from others on this, but the one idea that came to mind is the use of monologues/dialogues. Change is such a universal that can be applied to almost every aspect of life.

It strikes me that the life of a middle school teacher is full of change, although they may not always recognize it. There are many sources of monologues/monologs for this age group, and it might be an interesting idea to group some of these together to create your drama piece.

We did something like this at the beginning of the year, and it was quite effective.

Another suggestion would be to integrate some movement or tableau into the piece in order to create a sense of transition between individual components.

I'll throw this out there, and hope to hear from others!


Erika Saunders's picture
Erika Saunders
6th-8th Special Ed, LS & Mentally Gifted teacher

I'm just reading this. I, too, direct the plays at my middle school. Of course, there is no budget for anything so I do a lot on my own. When I read this, I thought that it might be great to have the students write their own monologues/poems. There's so much in their lives and this could be a great way for them to tap into it. The theme of Change would be terrific for them and what's happening in their lives! Maybe you could get other content area teachers to buy-in -- Literacy, Social Studies.

I bet the kids could come up with some powerful stuff! Good luck! I'd love to hear how it comes out!


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