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Administrative Walkthroughs

Administrative Walkthroughs

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I am planning on working with my administrative team to develop an effective walkthrough procedure in order to further assist my teachers with their instruction and professional growth. This being said, can anyone share with me specific resources you have come across or templates that you utilize to provide teachers feedback?

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Tom Wortman's picture

One tool that has revolutionized my walkthroughs is E-Walk. It is a web based completely customizable application. The walkthrough can be e-mailed to the teacher as soon as it's done and the data reporting ability is awesome...Great Tool!

David bartoe's picture

We use I-Observation using mazano art and science of teaching really a good tool. All on computer even feedback.

Catherine Scott's picture
Catherine Scott
Supt/ Principal of Small District

We are developing instructional norms that are to be implemented in every classroom. To follow this up, we plan to develop an observation tool for teachers to go into classrooms in pairs and observe. The pair will provide feedback to their colleague and also possible pick up ideas for their classrooms. This was less threatening to the teachers than having an administrator come in and give feedback. It eliminates the concern of blending this with the formal observation.

Jim Robert's picture

Our school is about to start using Stride from Learning-Focused. I have been through the training and the official release is coming at the beginning of May. Having tried numerous walkthrough tools, I've found that Stride is by far superior. eWalk, iObservation, Power Walkthrough all just aren't as easy to use. We have been using Learning-Focused professional development for years now, and will not turn back as long as I am here.

Chris Erickson's picture

We use e-walk, the ap on iPad is great with real time dashboard data available at any time. Very handy to scratch the surface of trends and issues in our buildings.

Shawn Blankenship's picture

My district currently uses TAS (Teacher Appraisal System). However, we are planning to move towards iObservation. iObservation is the only system where you can find Charlotte Danielson's teacher evaluation framework, Dr. Robert Marzano's official research-based strategies for teacher effectiveness, and Dr. Douglas Reeves' standards-based dimensions for leadership performance.

Check out the website:

Jim Robert's picture

Our school looked at iObservation and found it to be too expensive. Stride by Learning-Focused supports Marzano's teacher evaluation model through rubric's and customized forms that support any initiative. Their website is

Aundre Bell's picture

Im my building and district we used the Power Walkthrough from McRel. They let you customize templates for your school or building. You can also create graphs and reports from the data that you collect. It help you to have meaninful data that you teachers can use to improve instruction.

AC's picture
High School Principal

Hello Eric, the tool that we use in my campus and district is called Eduphoria. It is a web based walkthrough tool that provides teachers with immediate feedback and data. It even tracks how many walks each one of us has conducted. Great tool.

Sam's picture

I've seen a few teacher evaluation software programs out there and the one that seems to have the most info about it is something called LookForApp. Here's a link to their website.

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