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New Administrators

New Administrators

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Research is clear for the need of mentoring for new administrators. As a new administrator what mentoring opportunitites are being offered to you, or do you find yourself "alone at the top?"

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Pljimison's picture
Educational Technologist / William Jessup University

Well, for this one I must say alone at the top. I am at a small private school, with no other administrators, no vp, and my first year as a principal at a new school. I do have administrator friends at my other school that I can email back and forth, but no one "mentoring" me at this new opportunity. I find that it is very difficult because there is no one I can bounce ideas off of. So, I use forums such as this, as well as ideas from my Twitter friends.

Theresa Stager's picture

I came from a district with 8 elementary schools, and the principals were able to meet one afternoon each week. It is a wonderful system and they all felt very supported. I did my internship there and felt that the mentoring put forth by this system was wonderful, but nothing can replace your PLN from across the continent and beyond! Find people on Twitter and Edutopia and ask them anything you want to know. They are an amazing resource and so willing to help!

Eric Sheninger's picture
Eric Sheninger
Senior Fellow at the International Center for Leadership in Education

I second what Theresa stated. Social media tools allow us to form professional connections that allow new school leader to acquire the mentoring that they desperately need.

Jim Peiffer's picture
Jim Peiffer
Principal, Douglas J. Regan Intermediate School, Starpoint CSD

While we do not have an official mentor program for new administrators in our district, I was promoted from AP of our middle school to principal of our intermediate school and have maintained a mentor-type relationship with the principal of our middle school. In addition, we are a single campus district, consisting of 4 schools and central office is contained within the campus. As a result, the administrative team is a rather close-knit group, who often rely on one-another in a variety of situations. Further, as Theresa stated and Eric confirmed, social tech tools have also been a great resource.

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