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Help with salary change negotiation

Help with salary change negotiation

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I was hired last school year as the Assistant Principal of a relatively large catholic high school. I was hired primarily due to my digital learning expertise and my status in my PhD coursework in EDL. I have unique skills acquired from my teaching position at a Toshiba Laptop School for 16 years. My new school is under new leadership (new alum principal) with innovative ideas, and a CFO who has little to no understanding of 21st century innovations. The principal wanted me because I have experience with a very wide variety of software and actually training experience with University faculty during my PhD internship year. The first year went very well including the implementation of an iPad pilot for which I secured funding and implemented every component of the project one else had the skills. This past May, I was told a new position had been created for me as the director of instructional technology. Still administrative, this was to be a terrific break for me...until I saw the 9 percent decrease in pay. This put me back to what I made as a teacher. The implementation of google apps for education lay in front of me as a summer task...alone again. As of August 3, I was told (after pleading my case and working 80 hours a week in July..the month of July is not in my contract) that I would receive a stipend for the month...which was supposed to make up for the 9 percent decrease. That amount came out to only gain 6.5 percent back what was taken away. I have 3 times the work dumped on me and I still suffered a deficit in pay. The rest of the community received a 2 percent raise. How do I handle this? I want my salary back and a stipend. Help.

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Patrick Faverty's picture

Molly, you are in a difficult situation obviously. As Director of IT are you no longer an Asst Principal? Why did that job change happen?.... I would guess that change has more to do with your salary issue than anything else. How was your end of year eval? If there were no issues as AP, then why did the principal change your job title? were I you, I might ask for a clarification about the reason you were "demoted" (lower salary) from AP. That no one told you already suggests something else may be at play. Ask for clarification for the change.
Often, the biggest choice we make in education is who we want to work for. Every principal establishes the primary culture of their school just this way - by how s/he treats everyone.

Patrick Larkin's picture
Patrick Larkin
Assistant Superintendent for Learning, Burlington Public Schools (MA)

Molly - That is a terrible scenario. Have you spoken to the powers at be in regards to your "demotion." Because you were hired for your particular skill-set, I would think that they value your presence in the district. Not knowing if any discussions have taken place, I would speak with your supervisor(s) and let them know your disappointment.

The facts are the facts - money aside. You are working insane hours due to the fact that you are working alone on all of this. Obviously, the whole initiative falls apart of you are not there. In addition, I agree with the previous comment on what this says about your Principal.

If you do not feel that your feelings would be taken to heart then you need to look around for another position, even if it may be for next year. I would like to think that someone with your expertise would be able to find another position. They need to know how you feel and you know, having been there for a year, how this will be received.

Good luck!

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