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Study: Effective Principals Embrace Collective Leadership

Study: Effective Principals Embrace Collective Leadership

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"An expansive study devoted to examining the traits of effective school principals has found that high student achievement is linked to 'collective leadership': the combined influence of educators, parents, and others on school decisions.

"Effective principals encourage others to join in the decision-making process in their schools, said the study, which was commissioned by the New York-based Wallace Foundation and produced by the University of Minnesota's Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement, in St. Paul, and the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto.

"Successfully done, the study suggested, such power sharing does not mean a principal loses clout.

"'Influence in schools is not a fixed sum or a zero-sum game,' the report said. (The Wallace Foundation underwrites coverage of leadership, human capital development, expanded learning, and other topics, in Education Week.)"

Full text here:


Have you seen this kind of collaborative leadership work before? Would be curious to hear what works here, and what are some obstacles.

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Robin Ruiz's picture
Robin Ruiz
Seventh Grade Inclusion Teacher from Central Florida

If only this would happen we would have an Edutopia!
With this model of Leadership- Top down politics and views within the district impede and impair collective leadership at school level. Under the assumed name "collaboration" teams of teachers meet with creative and cultured ideas only to be blindsided by the decision making of the schools administration which totally negates the collective communication brought to the table during the planning meeting. In a subversive culture of High stakes testing which are used wrongfully to point fingers at the teachers and undermine the value of data collection, the climate of collaboration is used under the guise of a culture of punitive control when if the principals and leadership at the county level would allow the power of collective and creative mindset to be used, oh what an "ahhh Hahhh" moment we would have and the "no limits rules" of higher level thinking would be justly applied.

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