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Leadership Lessons from Students

Leadership Lessons from Students

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Recently I invited one of my student's to write a guest post for my blog on leadership, technology, and student-centered learning. I feel compelled to share his thoughts here because they had such a positive impact on me as an educational admnistrator. Feel free to share your thoughts on his views/points as well as lessons learned from your students.

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Mohibullah Israr's picture
Mohibullah Israr
Administrator at Gandahara Children Academy in Jalalabad Afghanistan

Great job Filip!!!

I very much appreciate your courage of sharing your thoughts with others. You will be the role model for other students around the globe. I wish we in Afghanistan had open minded principals as you have to provide opportunity to students to negotiate meanings and comment on what they observe in the learning environment. We are still following teacher-centered approach in Afghanistan. Let's get together and provide learning opportunities to the Afghan students.

More power to you...

Eric Sheninger's picture
Eric Sheninger
Senior Fellow at the International Center for Leadership in Education

Thanks for reading Filip's post! Do you have any interest in connecting our schools via Skype next year or through another medium?

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