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Admin: Share Your Blog!

Admin: Share Your Blog!

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The other day I posted that all administrators should blog ( After reading some of the comments on my post I thought it would be a great idea for other administrators to submit their blogs here so that we all can learn from each other. So, if you are an educational leader and have a blog submit the link!

This post was created by a member of Edutopia's community. If you have your own #eduawesome tips, strategies, and ideas for improving education, share them with us.

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Akevy Greenblatt's picture
Akevy Greenblatt
Principal at Margolin Hebrew Academy

I started blogging in June 2010.My main blog post is Principal's Post at Since then I also post to my posterous account and I write for the Connected Principals post as well.
Blogged has allowed me to share my ideas and learn from others. I don't know how I went so long without blogging

Payton Hobbs's picture
Payton Hobbs
Assistant Head of Lower School

I just started a blog over the holiday break and was wondering what your thoughts are about sharing religious beliefs on an educational blog?

I want my blog to reflect who I am and what I care about, and serve as a resource for other educators.

Erin Paynter's picture
Erin Paynter
Vice-Principal in Ottawa, Canada

I just began my blogging journey - definitely hooked. I'm plannig to post 2-3 times a week. So far I've been inspired by the questions and conversations I've been having with colleagues, parents, etc. District initiatives are also great fodder for my reflections.

Alan Matan's picture
Alan Matan
Co-Founder, Core 4 All, LLC

What a great idea! We live in a world where we can share information with one another so quickly. My colleague and started a blog in August called Core 4 All. Since the roll-out of the Common Core State Standards, we have focused our attention to revamping curriculum around these rigorous standards. Since the summer, we have revised the curriculum of five courses in our school. We write blogs on a weekly basis. It has rejuvenated us, as we continue to prepare our students for the 21st century global workplace. We can be reached at
We would love to know your thoughts.

John's picture
Founder of

I discovered blogging after founding a career development website for aspiring assistant principals and principals. I'm a former superintendent and principal.

My blog is located at:

Susan Riley's picture
Susan Riley
Arts Integration Specialist

I am the arts integration site coordinator at our school, as well as the teacher development specialist and carry an education administration degree. My blog is located at and I blog daily about arts integration, technology, and great leadership. Please connect with me - I love building a network of others that I can learn from!

Lori Day's picture
Lori Day
Educational Psychologist and Consultant at Lori Day Consulting

I have my own educational consulting business and find that blogging helps me in several ways. Obviously, it increases my visibility with potential clients and in the search engines, which provides me some necessary marketing at low cost. It also raises my credibility with clients when they see the breadth of topics I can address articulately. I really love being able to blog about my opinions to recent news in education--that's a very stimulating exercise. Finally, blogging is a fabulous creative outlet that I simply need! I have just recently been given an educational column in my local newspaper, and find that the more venues I have for writing, the more easily it flows.

In my 25-year career in education, I have worked with children from preschool through the college years, in traditional academic environments (public and private), alternative programs, and special needs placements. I have worked in both co-ed and single-sex schools. I have been a school psychologist, a private school administrator, and in my most recent job was the Head of a private school. That's a wide beach front to have covered, and it has given me the ability to respond to a great variety of educational topics.

My website is, and I blog at

Happy blogging, everyone!

Lori Day

Mr. Jun's picture
Mr. Jun
Elementary Teacher from Philippines

at the very start of my career way back in 2010. i faced my learners with a very soft heart i.e. i am very down to earth, very accessible, and super kind
now, I've learned that this typical type of character brought confusions to me as i observed that my learners treated me differently i.e. they sometimes disobey me, and disrespect me
in my second year of teaching, i was able to formulate another technique to eschew what i had experienced in the previous year. i was then too firm, very strict in the sense that nobody is allowed to talk even to whisper when i am discussing, nobody is allowed to stand even if they intend to throw something to the trash can. i just hated the thought of repeating how my previous learners had lambasted me the previous year.
now, my learners started to be very quiet as i walk along the corridor. they had to be in their proper seats from the time i start to walk going to their classroom. i felt that they are too scared of me. i felt that they become very obedient, and respectful. in other words i was able to achieve what i wanted in mind. that is supreme disciple among them.
my problem is that they become so aloof to me. they don't open things if they wanna clarify something regarding a certain topic.
their parents are too worried now about my classroom management technique so i told to these parents and explained why i had to do this.
i promised to these parents that i'm gonna modify my classroom practices/routines. i am now planning then to rectify my classroom rules to make a holistic learning experience for them. please help me and i would love to know more about your feedback about my case.
what principles of teaching did i fail to follow and why?

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