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You Are There: The Thinking Person's YouTube

Diane Demee-Benoit

Former Director of Outreach at Edutopia
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I was recently introduced to, a new Web site that aggregates videos of discussions and debates on interesting political, social, and cultural issues. If your schedule is anything like mine, it's difficult to find the time to travel to a bookstore to hear a famous author read or to afford the price of a ticket to see a big headliner speak. -- the name is the plural form of forum -- offers an alternative: Sit on your couch with your wireless laptop and listen to a variety of interesting speakers. It's a thinking person's YouTube.'s videos capture an entire presentation or panel discussion, so they are rather long; however, they do a decent job of breaking the video up into chapters, segmenting the speaker's or speakers' topics and themes.

Here are a few videos that might interest visitors:

Visit these pages and tell us what you think, and share your ideas about how you might use the site in your teaching or in professional development.

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Diane Demee-Benoit

Former Director of Outreach at Edutopia

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Rohit Sood's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

The Call Beyond got me into a progressive school for three years of my life to understand how I learn, how children learn and the quality of my aim which would determine the quality of my life. Eight years with children, parents, teachers and organizations that work with school to bring in some kind of change and reform has just left me to believe that today the most important component in Education which is missing is the Spiritual Dimension.

We have the best curriculum in the world, the technology, the infrastructure and resources yet there is a void in our lives, our children's lives. I am in the process of developing a concept on life long learning and education for creative living. I feel we have forgotten the timeless simplicity to understand as to what it means to be human. With all the violence and environment degradation, all we need to understand and live a clutter less life in a consumerist society. Be the change, the catalyst for change and live in harmony with nature and our fellow human beings. A revolution, a perfection in a single soul can bring down the divine consciousness to the earth consciousness and lead us all to change for the better. The process of evolution and involution is necessary in the realm of consciousness. As co-creators and communities lets join hands and aspire for beauty, grace, more compassion and understanding amongst us and our children. Peace is the way.

wnn77's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

I just got home from an amazing run in the gorgeouls sunshine outside on a chillaxious Friday and I was once again reminded of how beautiful and easy our lives are.

We spend so much time complaining and bickering about basically non-existent problems and sometimes we forget how awesome it is to be here. Sure, tragedies do exist (check out the drunk driving thread for some sad examples), but generally life is easy. If those young adults who were killed by drunk drivers were able to speak from the grave, the first thing they'd say is that life is short, so enjoy it. They really are proof of how short it can be.

Some personal examples of my life being beautifurl:

-Just spend a week in Canmore helping paint my friend's million dollar home, while mountain biking, drinking, and getting free room and board. And I even got paid for it!

-Lost my wallet three times so far. Everytime it has been returned. One time I lost it in Edmonton with $70 cash inside, and when it was returned the cash was still in it! (minor miracle, especially in Edmonton!)

-Lost my passport in NZ while on a crazy adventurre. Got my new passport in the mail the day before my flight back to Canada!

-The economy is finally starting to turn around. So far this week I've saved about $200 in travel expenses thanks to the rising Canadian dollar!

-Going to Spain in September for $116 thanks to cmyden and his amazinrg travel deal!

-And we can all agree that the Flames getting Bouwmeester for nothing is something we as a group can celebrate! 79a441

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