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As we expand the Edutopia online community, we want to connect you with other teachers and education leaders and provide up-to-date information and tools you can use in your classrooms, schools, and communities.

Here are a couple of ways to make that happen:

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Most importantly, we love hearing the feedback from the people who use our resources. The retweets, the comments, the disagreements, and the kudos are all read and discussed by our team. Your feedback drives so much of what we do! So, thank you, and please keep it coming!

-- Cindy Johanson, COO

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Cindy Johanson's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

Hi Amy,

Thanks for your suggestion. Later this year, we will introduce online community tools that will create easier ways to connect and share ideas with other users by grade level and discipline. We'll pass along your request to Betty Ray, our online community manager, who is soliciting recommendations for initial group topics.

Paula Tseunis's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

I have been reading a lot lately about mobile learning, m-learning. It would be wonderful to brainstorm some concrete examples of how to make classrooms more mobile. Is anyone doing anything exceptional with iphones or the like?

I am also interested in connecting eductors for professional development through collaborative social networking sites. Edutopia is a great example of a large-scale network. I am wondering what people are using with success for smaller groups of teachers- NING, Moodle, Wiki, Google Groups, etc.

Thank you for all of the great resources!

Cindy Johanson's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

Later this year, we will roll out improved ways for the Edutopia audience to connect with one another to find and share tips and techniques for integrating technology in education, expanding project based learning, etc. We are also in the early stages of improving the way content can be accessed by grade-level. In the meanwhile, one recent resource that might be helpful is a set of brief video clips about how new media can be used in the classroom:

Thanks for your comment. It's very helpful.

Betty Ray's picture
Betty Ray
Senior Editor at Large

Hi Andrea -

Thanks for your note. We are in the process of building out a tool called Groups which will allow Edutopians to connect with each other over a variety of topics. Pre-K teachers, and direct instruction, would be perfect topics for groups. I will definitely add them to our list!

I saw your post in my blog as well. For those who have not yet seen this, you can post group suggestions in this thread, too.

Thanks so much!
Betty Ray
Edutopia Community Manager

Betty Ray's picture
Betty Ray
Senior Editor at Large

Hi Paula -

These are great ideas. We will add m-learning to the list of groups.

Also, by way of smaller networks, we hope the groups allow people to collaborate and communicate on a smaller scale. The groups software keep discussions focused on the designated topic, and participation is limited to those who are actually in the group. It's free and super easy to join. Were hoping this creates lots of smaller networks within the Edutuopia site.

Thanks for the comments!
Betty Ray
Community Manager

Cindy's picture

Hi Andrea,

Later this year, it will be much easier for you and others to connect with one another and discuss topics of interest. For now, the best way to make these connections is via our comments or on our Facebook page. Our team is developing the tools as quickly as possible as you and others have been asking for the ability to connect and share questions and solutions. Thanks for your support, Cindy

Sridhar Iyer's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

A free site allows students/teachers to create and submit Readinglogs and Vocabulary Cards online. Cuts down on paper usage in the classroom. Ideal for grades 1-6.
Parents need not worry about lost/misplaced reading logs or vocabulary cards anymore!

Dawn Weise's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

Hi Andrea: I would love to connect with you and other pre-k teachers also. Have you found any useful sites or blogs dedicated to our more specific area?

Michelle Stanford's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

Hi Dawn,

I am a first time blogger. I am also a preschool teacher. Would love to connect with others also.

Noemi Ruiz's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

Hello there,
I'm a graduate student at Walden University enrolled in the M.S.Ed.program. I am an English teacher and I live in Mexico. I'm interesting in techology and teaching aspects, I'm enjoying my program a lot and I would like to learn more about blogging with you and other fellows teaching high school and undergraduates by sharing new insights,materials and experiences.



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