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Why You Must Choose Home Tuition Over Group Coaching

Why You Must Choose Home Tuition Over Group Coaching

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" The key to better scores in exams lies in finding the perfect mentor; if you get that right half the battle is won!"

It is a common dilemma for parents as well as kids to pick from the two choices of supplementary education. Often they get stuck between group classes and personal coaching. While group sessions have their own significance, but if you have decided to spend on your child’s additional study needs then you must choose the latter option. Most of the parents insist on getting high-quality lessons for their kids from the experts in the field. This is why many home tuition agencies have popped up in countries like Singapore, Malaysia and so on.

In this article we will show you why you must consider hiring a private coach over the other conventional methods.

•    Level of interaction: The major problem children face in school is less interaction with teacher due to the number of students. This hinders the academic growth of the child who need additional attention. However, with the help of a personal educator, this problem will be rectified as lessons will be more interactive, effective and interesting.

•    Quality Education: Finding a highly skilled teacher may sound difficult, but with the help of an agent it can become easy.  Getting in touch with a home tuition agency can help you fetcha an educator with skills and successful years of experience. All this will be useful to impart quality education, pushing them to greater heights.

•    Cost Efficient: While you might think that group studies will be less expensive, try adding the cost of daily commuting. On the other hand, hiring a teacher for home coaching reduces the extra expenses. The fees can be negotiated easily and the young one gets the convenience of studying at home with undivided attention.

•    Overall Improvement: When the kid gets tutored one-on-one, there is an immense improvement in the various spheres such as confidence, attitude, optimism and better relationship with parents. Besides the rich learning process, your kid develops into a better human being with a strong foundation.

At the end of the day, it is the decision of parents to choose a service provider as per the need of child. Hiring a tutor from a home tuition agency can help sort out most of the process.

Try to cross check your child’s requirement with the qualification of teacher to see whether the final result can be achieved or not. Finally, hire the individual that you can afford!


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Laura Thomas's picture
Laura Thomas
Director, Antioch University New England Center for School Renewal, Author of Facilitating Authentic Learning, Director of the Antioch Critical Skills Program; Elementary Library Media Specialist

Hi Tonny-
This is interesting. The terminology you're using is unfamiliar to me, but I notice that you work in largely in Singapore. I wonder if there are other members of the community (perhaps our international colleagues?) who can offer some insight into this? Is individual tutoring a common thing in your communities?

TonnyRobbins's picture

Thanks for the comment Laura. Well, Home tuition is fairly common in our part of the world. You can take a look at our website for further information, and insights.

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