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What's your best app-smashing recipe?

What's your best app-smashing recipe?

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I'm doing a presentation at a conference in Australia soon, about the way that we've used app-smashing at my school to get students to create fantastic, real world products by combining two or more apps in a 'smash'. (If you're not sure what a smash is, google App Smashing - there are heaps of resources out there.)

I've got a few of my favourite recipes for smashes. Here's an example.

1. Students take a photo/ save an image from the web to their photos app.

2. They import that photo into THINGLINK to be an interactive poster.

3. Using IMOVIE, they record 30 second snippets about parts of the photo / image.

4. They add these snippets as nubbins to THINGLINK.

5. They publish to the web for others to look at and comment upon.

It's fun, and the students get to create a really powerful interactive 21st century product.

So, my question is this: what app smashes have you used and would recommend? Or, what app smashes went horribly wrong?

(And if I use any of your smashes as an example in my presentation, I will of course credit you!)

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Dan Callahan's picture
Dan Callahan
Professional Learning Specialist, Edcamper, Graduate Professor

I'm a big fan of tools that lend themselves well to multiple, coordinated uses.

I've really enjoyed using Book Creator as a presentation tool. Create images in other apps like Haiku Deck or Skitch, add videos from iMovie or Explain Everything, export as an ePub file into iBooks.

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