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Value-based learning

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I teach 46 third graders in India. To address the behavioural issues in class, this year I intend to integrate values and academics. I am looking for book/story/activity suggestions (stories like Simon's Hook, for example) that teach young children the importance of values like kindness, respect, perseverance etc.

Thoughts and tips are much appreciated!

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Rekha J's picture

Additional details: This is the first time the class will be going through value-based learning. Suggestions for beginners would be immensely helpful!

Lina Raffaelli's picture
Lina Raffaelli
Former Community Engagement Intern at Edutopia

Hi Rekha, wow 46 students, that sounds like a handful! Here is a list of resources about character development and value-based learning that we shared for Character Day back in March. The list includes a wide variety of websites, articles, books, and blogs. Hope you find it useful!

You might also browse our topic page on Social and Emotional Learning, (or the #SEL hashtag on Twitter), some of the content might be relevant to your goal. Best of luck!


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