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Tips for a future tech integration specialist?

Tips for a future tech integration specialist?

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I am hoping to be moving into a part time tech integration position in my district next year. I am a google certified educator, and will be beginning a certificate program in ed tech leadership this fall. What are your favorite technologies, or any tips you have for this future role I will be taking on?

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John S. Thomas's picture
John S. Thomas
First & Second Grade Teacher/Adjunct faculty Antioch University New England, former Elementary Principal

One tip would be to help educators find a balance in tech integration and find curricular areas where technology is the better option than hands on or other teaching methods. All too often I see educators throw technology into their better lessons instead of taking their less effective lessons and finding ways to utilize technology to make the lessons more engaging and effective.

Laura Bradley, MA, NBCT's picture
Laura Bradley, MA, NBCT
Middle school English/Digital Design/Broadcast Media teacher

John makes a great point: teachers need to know how tech can improve the learning for their students. It might help if you provided a list of examples of what you could help them do. What "traditional" kinds of lessons could be improved with technology? For so many teachers, it is still an unknown, so they need specific examples of what you could help them with.

John S. Thomas's picture
John S. Thomas
First & Second Grade Teacher/Adjunct faculty Antioch University New England, former Elementary Principal

Another thought- I believe a great technology integration specialist has several different roles. I see three typical groups of educators when it comes to technology. Early adopters, adopters, and reluctant adopters. For those technologically advanced educators (early adopters), you should support as needed and are simply a resource. Share often and learn from them as they are your BEST PD! ;) For those adopters of technology, the technology integrationist should walk alongside them throughout the planning process and support instruction as necessary. The third group is those educators who are reluctant to integrate technology. With this group of educators you will need to provide significant modeling. Try to find ways to model for them technology integration in the simplest form (ie- showing a video on the smart board while pausing it to draw and illustrate an idea on the video, or perhaps students use chromebooks to type spelling words, or simply type on a word document on the smart board to type out the ideas students give for story starters. No matter what you do, it must be simple and something they can do without you in the room. Remember, you will be the role model and should take the lead integrating the technology even in the most simplest form. Actually I should have said especially in the simplest form. As we do with students, we should consider a growth mindset and work on growing and advancing every educator's skills no matter where they start from.

Beckett Haight's picture

Good luck on the new position.

This may be a given, but one guiding principal for me is the idea not to "use tech for the sake of using tech".

Cagri Kanver's picture
Cagri Kanver
Interested in Education Information

Good idea John. And good luck to the writer on your future tech career.

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