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Theory and Application; One Depends on the Other

Theory and Application; One Depends on the Other

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I’m an independent management consultant with what I think is a deceptively simple, yet profoundly transformative approach to education; by bridging theory and practical application as one.
If you have a few minutes, go to for several examples. All have a statistical variation theme (no fluff) related to improving productivity. I realize the subject targets an audience beyond K-12 however… the underlying concept is blind to age.
I’m reaching out to the academic community for two reasons. First, I’m always interested in feedback to refine my direction. And second, I’m looking for others who may be interested in developing the concept further. A regular series of high quality spots, similar to the Kahn Academy model, could cast a wider net to those who need a helpful nudge toward learning the sciences. Build the right environment, and they will come.
Thank you in advance,

Michael Rice

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Samer Rabadi's picture
Samer Rabadi
Online Community Engagement Manager

Hi Michael, welcome to the Edutopia community. I have some friendly advice for posting on Edutopia.

Posts tend to do better when they do more than point to a resource elsewhere. That's usually not enough to get people to pay attention to your post, let alone to click through. Instead, my advice is to share (and elaborate) on the core ideas. And then, at the end of the post you can include the link for people to learn more and see the examples.

There are a lot of great resources in the Edutopia community, and doing this will help your post stand out.




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