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Share Your 4th Grade Center Ideas

Share Your 4th Grade Center Ideas

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I'm considering some take to your seat centers in my fourth grade class. I'd love to hear of some previously used centers to create in my own room. Any ideas?

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Gaetan Pappalardo
Teacher, Author, Guitar––Word.

I use centers in Math. The centers are moveable (games, boards, chalkboards, etc.) I usually have four groups with 5-7 kids in each group. The groups are pre-made so you don't waste time making groups during your class time. I'll switch them around every month or so, unless there's a management problem within a group, and there needs to be an immediate switch.

This is how I do it.

1. Teach the games or activities the kids will play during center time. Either hard-copy games or computer games if you have access to laptops. This is my first step. This usually takes a whole class period or a span of a week. Teach one game a day at the end of your math time. It all depends how you teach math. I have an hour for math everyday.

2. Once you are ready to go, spit the kids into groups.

3. I usually have three independent centers and one teacher center. At the teacher center, I am usually re-teaching/practicing the skills of the week.

4. Four groups. Each group gets about 10-15 minutes at each center. Track time on your phone with an alarm.

Kids love it!


Tara Jenkins Hazel's picture

Awesome! I so appreciate your help. I love the site and the idea of making the groups ahead of time. Thanks again!

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