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I am organizing the Science Fair this year. Two of my students want to make a  project about pesticides and cancer. I think they can start by researching the ingredients in the pesticides that are carcinogens. And find if there is a relationship between their use and the incidence of cancer. Then I need to connect that to the benefits (if any) of using a hydroponic tank. I will appreciate if anyone can help me. It is my first year as a mentor.

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Lina Raffaelli's picture
Lina Raffaelli
Former Community Engagement Intern at Edutopia

Hi EdMarie, awesome that you are coordinating the science fair this year! Sounds like an exciting opportunity. What kind of help are you seeking from the Edutopia community? It sounds like you have a concept in place and some ideas for execution; if you could provide a little more information about what advice you're looking for it would help us help you! :-)


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