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Recommendations Needed for Tech Integration

Recommendations Needed for Tech Integration

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Hey everyone!

I previously taught in a school that had limited technology: personal laptop for teacher and Elmo projector. I have recently moved and know that I will have more tech in my classroom such as smartboard, more laptop access for students, tablets etc. What are some of your favorite apps to incorporate into the classroom? What other websites and resources would you suggest that I look into to help create authentic lessons that integrate technology?

Thank you,


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Jon's picture

My favorite apps to use on my iPad in the classroom:

1. Explain Everything - I use this everyday as my whiteboard to teach my lessons.

2. Team Shake - This is a great app to not only pick a random student to answer a question but it will also make random groups for you of any size. You can even tell it the students you don't want in a group together.

3. Zip Grade - If you do anything multiple choice, this app will let you grade it on your iPad.

4. Remind - Great way to keep parents and students updated about what's going on in your class.

5. Scanner Pro - I use this to scan in my test/quiz keys for anything that's not multiple choice. That way I always gave my keys with me. Nothing worse than getting home to grade some tests but forgot the key at school.

6. Plickers - A really cool and easy way to quiz your class on lessons.

These are the ones I use almost daily. Hope that helps.

John S. Thomas's picture
John S. Thomas
First & Second Grade Teacher/Adjunct Faculty Antioch University New England, former Elementary Principal

I second Explain Everything and Remind. See Saw is a great app/website which allows for a digital portfolio to be easily created and shared with families and integrates easily with a Google sign in and the Google Apps.

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