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Need Help Setting Up a Classroom

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I am a disabled elementary teacher, and would like to find someone to design and set up my classroom. I'm not worried about the money, but I'm worried about getting it set up in time for my students. I would greatly appreciate ideas on who I should hire. It will probably take several days (I've been teaching for 25 years) I thought about an interior designer, interior decorator, former teachers, a moving service, posting on Indeed and Monster as well as the local universities. I live in the Houston area and would like to hear ideas on how someone can help. Thank you!

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Alex Shevrin's picture
Alex Shevrin
Teacher/leader & techie at independent, alternative, therapeutic high school

That's a great question! I would personally start with my school and see if any of my fellow teachers or any of the parents/families are able to help out - could be a nice community-building opportunity. I might also reach out via social media, on a neighborhood list, or via any local educator organizations. I'm going to pass your post along to an educator I know in Texas and see if she has any more specific suggestions!

Gaetan Pappalardo's picture
Gaetan Pappalardo
Teacher, Author, Guitar––Word.

I think having your students (I guess depending on the age) help set up and design the class would be a good idea because the kids that help set up the class, can also help the other kids navigate/learn the systems when school begins. If not, I'm sure other teachers/admin in the building would certainly help. Please keep us updated on the progress of your classroom.


M Shafer's picture
M Shafer
Third grade teacher in the Midwest

Since your original question was who to hire, I would suggest looking to local teaching candidates. Like any college students, pre-service teachers could use the money and would be thrilled to work in a classroom. You might even find a high school student who has teaching aspirations and would help out for a little money. Good luck!

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