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Multi-Interdisciplinary Creative Movement Secret Agent Spy Lesson

Multi-Interdisciplinary Creative Movement Secret Agent Spy Lesson

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I wanted to share a lesson that I have had much success. I have created a vocabulary sheet as well as a questionaire to guide students in their writing process. I also hand out a world map as reference to their story telling.      



Dance Educator, Author Cynthia Miltenberger has created an arts interdisciplinary  spy themed lesson.  that is interdisciplinary amongst all arts (theatre, music, dance, film, and creative writing) including geography with a focus on physical training.

Spies in training will learn the discipline of dance and the relationship it shares amongst the arts. We will compare and contrast the lives of professional spies and dancers, they have more in common than you can imagine!

We will be looking at spies throughout our pop culture history using literature and film as an exploratory tool to create a platform for their character development, storytelling, and movement inspiration using the California State and Common Core Standards based curriculum.

Students will learn the elements of dance through my choreography set to spy themed music. Students will be required to use their new vocabulary to write their spy story and choreography movement to accompany.

The PT (physical training) component will be a barre based workout. A non conventional way to fitness using dance modalities as the focus. Barre classes consist of using small isolated movements using small reps targeting all the major muscle groups as a form of resistance focusing on core strength training, form and alignment. Barre broadens the mind to see fitness in a new way not to mention their body awareness. Let’s not forget, dancers are some of the top athletes of the world!              

Creative movement and the arts foster and develop the following:

Develops focus, discipline and listening  skills.
Mind / Body Connections
Dance and the arts are a form of self – expression.
Builds self –esteem and confidence
Balance and physical coordination, motor development and body awareness

Use dance vocabulary to analyze dance and other art mediums and how it relates to the world around them.

Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between cadet training and dance training.

Learn non -conventional forms of fitness training ; barre, pilates core based strength conditioning for dancers.

Understand personal and general space in dance and in the world around them.

Use geography and writing as tools in the real world of police work and dance.

Create and execute movement patterns and sequences through their storytelling.

Identify, compare, and contrast the elements of space (i.e., steps, musicality, spatial formations, shapes

Understand they are their BEST SECRET WEAPON!

PSST! Here are some clues and tools to assist in cracking your choreography case! Good luck!

Dancers and spies have to be quiet in order to perform their best work! SHHH!!!!!


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Laura Bradley, MA, NBCT's picture
Laura Bradley, MA, NBCT
Middle school English/Digital Design/Broadcast Media teacher

Cynthia, you had me at "secret agent spy lesson"! What a clever way to not only tie together so many different disciplines, but also to build students' own awareness of and appreciation for their own bodies and abilities. Any day we can get them moving while they are learning is a good day, indeed. Are you able to share some of your resources with us? You mention vocabulary, a questionnaire, world map and "clues and tools." Are you able to include links to those as well? Thanks for sharing such a great unit!

Cynthia Miltenberger presents Art Moves Everywhere's picture
Cynthia Miltenberger presents Art Moves Everywhere
All children deserve the right to arts education.

Laura! Thank you so much! They LOVED it! I use the original music from James Bond and Mission Impossible. They eat it up! Please give me your email and I will be happy to send you my Secret Agent Packet! I am glad you enjoyed, and don't forget you are your BEST secret weapon! :-) -Cynthia

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